Raazi Box Office Collection Day 1- The Film Contemplates No Stiff Competition Ahead

Raazi box office collection day 1
Raazi box office collection day 1

Raazi box office collection day 1– Amid no swingeing competition ahead, Alia Bhatt starrer Raazi looks keen to divulge a decent collection at the box office. A plethora of other factors are also going to intervene in deciding the fate of the film including the star power of Alia Bhatt.

In addition to this, everyone connected directly or indirectly with the making of ‘Raazi’ feels optimistic about the film. As per an update, the newly released film forecasts to collect almost Rs 5 crore on its opening day.


Raazi box office collection day 1
Raazi box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: indianexpress


Movie Name:                               Raazi
Genre:                                            Action film
Released Date:                            May 11, 2018 
Directed By:                                  Meghna Gulzar
Produced By:                              Karan Johar, Vineet Jain 
Casts:                                              Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal


The Meghna Gulzar directorial film casts Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal in their lead roles. Albeit, the movie has already received enough publicity by now, everything now resides on the film plot and the acting skills of the stars.


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Well, the film already has enough star power and there is no reason why it should under-perform. Now, all eyes are set on the box office verdict for Raazi box office collection day 1. On the other hand, Alia Bhatt fans must be having a great time to have their favorite performer on the big screen again. She was last seen at the time of the release of her last Bollywood flick- Badrinath Ki Dulhania.


Raazi box office collection day 1
Raazi box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: BookMyShow


If we investigate as per the recent updates from the industry insiders, Raazi seems consistent with its occupancy rates of 15%, especially for the morning shows. Well, the figures are not something spectacular but this may end up fetching great results.

Raazi box office collection day 1- As you see, the foundation has already been laid off and the eyes are all set to see the film performing at the box office. Today, being the weekend, the audience is expected to rush into the theaters to watch the film and contribute more towards making it a hit.

Like any other new released film, Raazi also expects to perform over the weekend (evening and night shows). The word of mouth is also going to be crucial factor to decide if the film is going to be a hit.


Raazi box office collection day 1
Raazi box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: Hindustan Times


Apart from so many attractions, the film also has been produced by none other than Karan Johar. At the moment, this Alia Bhatt starrer movie has no other competition except from Avengers Infinity War that has already crossed Rs 200 crore at the box office so far and still continuing with the same pace.

Well, in spite of analyzing all the above facts, Raazi doesn’t seem to find a serious competitor in the race for now. Let’s wait and watch how the film performs in the time to come.

A lot has been speculated so far about the film so far. But the real test for the film is going to start on the weekend where the movie is expected to collect Rs 16-18 crore. Raazi happens to be based on the true story and the director has already promised the movie to be a fascinating espionage thriller.

Star power of Alia Bhat

Raazi box office collection day 1- Since we are here to analyze the film in every possible way, we can’t overlook the star power of Alia Bhatt. There was a time when she was not given enough attention in the industry and dismissing her stance as she belongs to the Bollywood family. But all credit goes to her after she proved herself by showing her astounding talent in a plethora of genres and roles.


Raazi box office collection day 1
Raazi box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: inuth.com


In the present film Raazi, Alia is playing the character of a spy who intentionally marries in Pakistan to report back with all her inputs to Indian high command officers. The film is actually based on the novel by Harinder Sikka titled Calling Sehmat.

Raazi Box Office Collection Day 1- The film is expected to earn Rs 15-18 crore over the weekend

Much has anticipated by film trade expert- Girish Johar. Not only he predicts the film’s collection is going to hover around Rs 5 crore but also predicts that the movie should do well, especially in the presence of its “star power”.

He says “Alia Bhatt’s strong acting skills is being supported by Karan Johar’s backing in the presence of Meghna Gulzar’s unmatched direction skills. By now, trailer and the music have already generated much staggering buzz, we all need to wait to see how it performs.”



While discussing about the film’s success mantra, Karan Johar stressed that film’s collection can go overwhelming in the presence of some great reviews by the audiences and film critics.

He said that at this point of time, we are feeling the same. Well, after Raazi film reviews pouring in from everywhere, we certainly need to wait and watch to see if the predictions make into reality.