Bebe Rexha Issues A Strong Message to A Concert Attendee Who Attempted to Throw An Object At Her During Her Performance

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha has frequently faced challenges with fans throwing objects onto the stage.


It all happened at a concert that was recently held where Bebe Rexha didn’t hold back while addressing a concert attendee who tried to throw something onstage. Right after that she issued a stern warning and had them promptly removed from the venue.

Soon after the misconduct on stage, a short video clip went viral while capturing Rexha’s response.

In the footage that was revealed, Rexha looked confronting the person in the crowd. This is what she stated firmly, “If you throw something at me on stage, I’ll take everything you have. Don’t mess with me right now… Get out, now.”

Those attending the concert also moved ahead and helped the singer to identify the person who threw the object at her. Later, he was moved out from the concert by the security.


A similar incident occurred recently at Rexha’s concert in Wisconsin, where she had to halt her show twice to address fans who disregarded her warnings against throwing objects.


Bebe Rexha Issues A Strong Message to A Concert Attendee Who Attempted to Throw An Object At Her During Her Performance

It’s a matter of last year when Rexha was hit by a phone thrown onto the stage, which caused a black eye and led to the arrest of the perpetrator.

Since then, the singer has repeatedly dealt with such bad elements who regularly try to throw objects, a problem that other musicians have also faced.

Following the latest incident, fans rallied behind Rexha, with comments on the video such as, “AGAIN?!??! No, y’all need to leave this lady alone. STOP THROWING THINGS AT BEBE REXHA!” and “Finally, a celebrity taking action on this issue.”

“A legend indeed, I have immense respect for her,” remarked a fan, praising her firm response. Another person added, “GOOD! That kind of disrespect should never be tolerated.”

There were many who expressed hope that other artists who have faced similar situations would follow Rexha’s lead and take decisive action to put an end to such behavior.

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