House of the Dragon Season 2: Did Aegon Die in the Battle at Rook’s Rest?

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Check the latest information from the books regarding the cliffhanger in ‘House of the Dragon’.



House of the Dragon” has finally presented its first major battle of Season 2. It looks like the new season will be filled with the promised fire and blood from the cast and crew. However, one question is still open: Is Aegon Targaryen dead?

Did Aegon Die in the Battle at Rook’s Rest?

After being appointed as the Hand of the King, Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) determined the best strategy for the Greens to basically ambush the Blacks at Rook’s Rest, the seat of House Staunton. But he never wanted Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) to join him at the front lines, as it was too risky for the king to engage in battle so early in the conflict.

Aegon, who has the habit of ignoring good advice, dismissed Criston’s warning and flew to battle on his dragon, Sunfyre. Basically, a dragon would be an advantage in war, but Sunfyre is young and inexperienced in combat, unlike Meleys, the seasoned dragon ridden by Rhaenys.

As it was earlier expected, both Aegon and Sunfyre encountered Rhaenys and Meleys in aerial combat, and the situation was grim for the king until his brother Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) arrived on Vhagar. Vhagar, the eldest living dragon in the Seven Kingdoms, is larger and more formidable than the others, and importantly, she has extensive battle experience.

After the battle concluded, Criston found Aemond kneeling beside Sunfyre, who was still taking breath but severely wounded. “Where is the King?” Criston asked. Aemond pointed to Aegon, lying on the ground with Sunfyre wrapped around him. The episode ended without clarifying if Aegon was still alive.


What the books tell us about Aegon’s fall

There is a spoiler alert for those unfamiliar with Fire & Blood: Aegon though survives his injuries, but barely. His burns look severe as he requires transport back to King’s Landing, where he remains confined to bed for almost a year, receiving visitors only from Alicent (Olivia Cooke)

Now, the question arises and basically refers to the extent to which House of the Dragon’s writers will adhere to the book remains uncertain, but it’s improbable they would stray so drastically as to kill off Aegon at this point.

It does appear he will be sidelined for a while, particularly considering the hints suggesting Aemond is eager to seize his brother’s power. With Aegon presumably out of action, it could indeed be Aemond’s time to shine.


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