Simon Pegg: I Don’t Feel the Burden to Be Consistently Funny

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Simon Pegg, who’s a famous actor and comedian is best known for his most acclaimed comedy work like “Hot Fuzz”, “Shaun of the Dead” and “Spaced” has to say that he doesn’t always want to be in a pressure of being the funny man even when the audience continues to expect this from him.

It was during 90’s when Pegg rose to prominence when he was a part of Edgar Wright-directed sitcom “Spaced”. The interesting part here is that he created and also starred in the same.

Likewise, the English star continued to feature in a plethora of comedy films like “Run Fatboy Run”, “The World’s End”and the “Ice Age” adventure comedy movie franchise where he has given his voice to the character of Buck Wild, the one-eyed weasel.


Simon Pegg: I Don’t Feel the Burden to Be Consistently Funny

The 51 year old actor was recently spotted speaking to a renowned news agency where he disclosed that he doesn’t always want to be those funny artists who always remain in the switch-on mode.

This is what he further says, “I don’t feel the burden to be consistently funny. People do expect a certain something from you. My family, for instance, does not necessarily expect me to be funny, they often find me very unfunny to be honest. That pressure can come from within.

“Funny people who feel the need to be on all the time are probably battling something inside. I don’t feel that way. I like being serious and quiet sometimes,” he added.

At the moment Pegg is known to have returned to the “Ice Age” franchise along with the latest animated adventure titled “The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild”.

The Disney+ latest movie is written by Will Schifrin, Ray DeLaurentis and Jim Hecht from a story by Jim Hecht. It’s directed by John C Donkin.

Pegg stars in a film titled “Mission: Impossible – Fall Out”. He stated that the world wide popularity of the franchise actually began in 2002 with three loving characters of Sid, Diego and Manny.

He said, “Families are made up of different characters, opinions and a different way of looking at things. It is extremely nice that ‘Ice Age’ has been able to exist for so long. I feel delighted that we have come back for another one,” Pegg stated.

“The first time I played him was the year my daughter was born. She has grown up with him too. The film is about change. When members of our families move on or leave, how we adapt to that. That’s what the film is about – taking responsibilities and growing up,” he added.

The latest update about the film is that it’s slated to release on January 28 featuring the voices of actors like Aaron Harris, Vincent Tong, Justina Machado and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

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