Latest Bollywood News January 23- Aisha Sharma Becomes the Center of Controversies for Wearing Bold Outfit

latest Bollywood news

Latest Bollywood News January 23 As per the latest Bollywood news that was reported on January 23, 2019, Satyameva Jayate actress Aisha Sharma seems to have surrounded herself with controversies all over. The actress was trolled heavily for her loose outfit on social media.

latest Bollywood news January 23

Aisha Sharma came into highlight after she was featured in the recently released Bollywood movie Satyamev Jayate. In fact, she made her Bollywood debut from that film only. Recently,she was trolled heavily for her bold outfit.

As you can see, the Bollywood actress was not just slut-shammed but was further started getting trolled for wearing way too short and skimpy cloths as well. It’s being reported that the actress is doing all this just to be in the news and also to gain as much popularity as she can.

Well, if you take a look at such incidences being reported from the Bollywood arena, this is not just the one.In fact, such kind of episodes has now become a common phenomenon where one to two films old actresses do not hesitate flaunting by showing their skin.

latest Bollywood news January 23

Well, there is no such end to these episodes. And once they get the required attention, they suddenly start getting trolled on the social media channels as well as in the print media.

So, the episode of Aisha Sharma is not the new one. In fact, she is also finding this all right. Now, as far as the right of a woman to wear anything that she wants to wear goes, it looks fine, but at the same time, they should also understand the fact that they have become more like a public figure and should maintain some level of decency as well.

latest Bollywood news
latest Bollywood news January 23: Image Credit-NDTV

If you take a look in the entire Bollywood industry, you can find such things happening over and over again.There are a few things that look quite genuine. But most other things are not the real face of the picture. And people understand this all.

This is the reason they are trolled for wearing bold dresses or anything of that sort.

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Latest Bollywood News January 23- Aisha Sharma Hits Back with Her Reply

If you take a look at the entire controversy surrounding Bollywood actress Aisha Sharma once more, you will come to know the actual scenario.

After Aisha grabbed the attention of people, she started getting trolled heavily. But soon after that, the actress chose to take her Instagram handle and started replying back to them in her own ways.

In her long Instagram post, Aisha Sharma conveys her message to those who trolled her on the social media by saying that she finds no fault in wearing what she likes and there should not be any questions raised.

She further pointed out that if they continued to raise the allegations about not choosing her dress properly, then they are raising the question against the modesty of a woman.

As per the latest Bollywood news coming up every now and then of this sort, you can’t help all this. It’s because you already got what you were trying to get. Now, let’s take it from the very beginning and try to understand how it sparked the entire controversy.

Latest Bollywood News January 23- Aisha Sharma Attends the Birthday Party of Director Punit Malhotra

So, the entire controversy started right from Aisha Sharma attending the birthday party of Bollywood director Punit Malhotra on the night of January 19, 2019. You can very well see from the pictures that the director hosted a grand party where a plethora of big celebrities were invited.

Aisha Sharma was also among one of the invitees in the birthday party event. The entire controversy started when the Bollywood diva was spotted in a backless jumpsuit that witnessed her plunging neckline.

Aisha was looking stunner but at  the same time was also started trolling on various social media channels for wearing such a bold outfit.

latest Bollywood news January 23: Image

The entire trolling started after a few citizens almost shamed her for the kind of outfit she chose to wear. After finding her surrounded with too many bad comments, the actress chose to reply back explaining that no one can pull her down in any way, especially at this time when she was slut-shamed.

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Bollywood is the stage of controversies. Most of such things come out very often from the lonely streets of B town. But you can’t help it. As per the latest Bollywood news, well known B town celebrities are known to have indulged in the wrongful acts.

After all, it’s all about glamour and show off that it is all about. Most celebrities do not react on such things as according to them, it’s nothing abnormal to them. At BNF, we continue to bring such stories up to the front.

For all the latest Bollywood news, stay tuned.