When the Bough Breaks- A Thriller Hollywood Movie to Watch


Anyone who is a true fan of thriller Hollywood movie, it’s always worth going a few extra miles for that spectacular scare.

The movie “When the Bough Breaks” enlists itself into some of the most famous thriller Hollywood movies list that are ever produced.

The film screens the couple, Laura and John Taylor (Regina Hall & Morris Chestnut) who are both professionals and young but are quite desperate to start a family. They make sincere efforts without a success.

After they are exhausted with their options, they hire a surrogate to accomplish the task.

Finally, they select Anna (Jaz Sinclair) for this role, but something goes fallacious after she continues with her pregnancy.

Slowly and steadily, they both get entrapped in Anna’s destructive game plan. Now, they are left with only one option.

They must fight hard to retrieve their future without wasting much time.

So, in short, the film is all about a New Orleans couple who fail their attempts to start a family and eventually ends up in the hands of an unhinged surrogate.


Love life of couple develops into a thriller Hollywood movie

“When the Bough Breaks” is one of a kind thriller Hollywood movie based on a fatal attraction knockoff. The story revolves around a wealthy couple who lives in New Orleans.

The film moves on screening highly clinched and predictable affair with seemingly perspicacious personalities who take pride making deadly and terrible decisions.

As both Morris and Regina are a famous and wealthy couple, it eventually helps to add all the glamour in the background.

On one hand, Morris is an attorney, eyeing to have a partnership in his growing business, on the other hand “Regima” is a hotshot chef.

There is a plethora of characters scattered all around in this thriller Hollywood movie. 

For example, at one point of time you come across with some personalities (characters) who are smart enough to make deadly and terrible decisions, but at other times, there exists those like John Taylor.

See how the beautiful love story of a handsome and wealthy couple takes the shape of a famous thriller Hollywood movie.

Morris Chestnut, who is playing the role of John is facing a situation where he can’t help much.

His soul-mate Laura (Regina Hall) is desperate to have her own baby, but seems lost her hope. This is because she has suffered through three miscarriages after years of trying.

Soon comes the time Anna is waiting for. It all happens when Anna is alone with John. He doesn’t know about her jealous personality and also the fact that his own life is in trouble.

In spite of the fact that John has a cool head, he doesn’t review all such nuisances with her wife (about Anna’s erratic behaviour).

No doubt, Hall’s work is being much appreciated, especially after he captures Laura’s mindset. Laura is also seen disappearing on and off screen during the second half of the film.

The mystery goes deeper after she becomes absolutely clueless as her friendly relationship with Anna gets ruined.

The script writing of this thriller Hollywood movie is done by none other than Jack Olsen. Still, it doesn’t help much as it merely relies on his (John) unamicable stupidity and naivety.

It shows how he intends to let the plot developments and also not revealing the insanity levels of Anna.

The kind of genre that such thriller Hollywood movie offers can’t be seen anywhere else. 

The movie shows how an insane woman becomes highly obsessed with a family man. But there was a lot that the movie offered to the viewers at that time.

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