Latest Bollywood News January 25- Tanushree Dutta Curses Ganesh Acharya

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Latest Bollywood News January 25– In this section of latest Bollywood news, we are going to cover the story that was so much speculated, published and abused in the recent past.

 latest Bollywood news

Yes, we are about to cover a few months old Me Too campaign under which former Miss India and Bollywood actress Tanushree Datta has again accused and cursed Choreographer Ganesh Acharya and all other accused who tried to sexually abuse her 10 years back.

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Now, before we start giving you insights about the latest controversy that again came up to the surface suddenly, we would like to take a dig about the matter when it was ignited a few months back.

Tanushree Datta is a well known actress who got all her name and fame from one of her movies opposite Himesh Reshamia titled Aashiq Banaya Aapne.

One of the song from this movie became quite famous as well. This is when the actress started coming in the lime light for the first time in her Bollywood career.

 latest Bollywood news
latest Bollywood news January 25: Image Credit:India Tv

During this time, the Bollywood actress started to get some more assignments. But then, she was reported to have left the industry. The entire story is more than ten years old.

Now, as per the latest Bollywood news, the allegations are again coming up on to the surface after Dutta chose to curse Acharya for his wrongful behavior on the sets of Horn Ok Please- A 2009 Bollywood film.

As per the latest Bollywood news, Me Too campaign managed to create a lot of controversy in the past. It not only ignited a fresh debate in the country, but also raised a question on all those celebrities and bureaucrats who were made accused in the campaign.

The campaign kicked off when Tanushree Dutta came back to the country after leaving the sets of Horn Ok Please in the year 2009. The entire campaign sparked a debate that came out in the public forum in quite an ugly manner.

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latest Bollywood news
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A plethora of top Bollywood celebrities along with well known bureaucrats came under the fire. The entire campaign lasted for over six months in India. This was the time when she was harassed right on the sets of this movie.

The first name that came out was of Nana Patekar, who is now a senior Bollywood actor and has been working in the Bollywood industry for so many decades. But after the story continued bulging further, it started reflecting the shocking and ugly side of Bollywood.

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Slowly and steadily, this campaign started moving ahead with some more names in the list that included Ganesh Acharya, Sami Siddiqui and more. Dutta basically made allegations on the entire team of Horn Ok Please.

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latest Bollywood news January 25: Image credit: Kalingatv

The incident happened right on the sets when all of them tried to molest her sexually on the pretext of doing a song. When she denied doing it, she was replaced by Rakhi Sawant.

The campaign didn’t stop here. In fact, it started growing wild and pulled some more names that included actor Alok Nath and some more well known names from the Bollywood and Indian Television. 

Latest Bollywood News January 25-Tanushree Dutta Curses Ganesh Acharya

Now, as per the latest Bollywood news January 25, the former Miss India and Bollywood actress not only cursed Ganesh Acharya but also his children along with some other people who were present on the sets of a 2009 Bollywood movie Horn Ok Please including Nana Patekar, Sami Siddiqui (producer) and Rakhi Sawant.

In this section of the latest Bollywood news, we are going to update you afresh about the controversy created by Tanushree Dutta under the me

too campaign.

This time, the actress yet again lashed out on the entire crew members of Horn Ok Please. As we explained above,she cursed all of them who were the part of the film.

latest Bollywood news
latest Bollywood news January 25: Image Credit: IBtimes

Dutta first chose to lash out at Ganesh Acharya. She wrote in one of her statements that said “I know Ganesh Acharya who is quite an ungrateful moron.

He was one of the recommendations for Horn Ok song. Now, this man turned on me to help none other than Nana Patekar on the sets in 2009.

Nana happens to be in the FIR launched by me. This was the time when I was harassed by as many as four people on the sets. At that time, I was just 24 years old and was consistently rising in my career in Bollywood.

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Soon after the incident happened on the sets, Acharya started to spread completely false and malicious statements about me in the print media to ruin my professional career.

He’s the main culprit out of the several others whom I named in the FIR itself. Later, I became the part of their campaign where I was simply accused by all of them in false and derogatory manner.”

Latest Bollywood News January 25- Tanushree Dutta Curse Goes All Along

Dutta didn’t stop here and continued to add on more in her statement. Look what she says further “I feel both humiliated and surprised to see myself alive, especially after kicking off this campaign 6 months back (during my stay in India), along with all the harassment that I had to go through in the last 10 years. In all these long years, I simply tried to raise my voice against workplace harassment.”

In her statement, Tanushree cursed Ganesh Acharya again who is known to have recently opened his dance academy by the name GADA.

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latest Bollywood news: mage credit: Bollywoodhungama

“Do you think you are going to flourish and raise high in your career after opening your dance academy? I curse you surely won’t be able to do that. In fact, I have cursed all of you including Nana Patekar, Rakhi Sawant, Sami Siddiqui along with Rakesh Sarang from the bottom of my soul and heart.

I curse you again that anyone who gets associated with you five people won’t be able to prosper and flourish both professionally and individually. Not only that, your children and of those who simply associate you all without any reason will suffer both emotional and mental anguish at some point of time in your lives, just like the way both me and my entire family has suffered.”

Latest Bollywood News January 25- Tanushree Dutta Curses Many Others Too

Please take a look at what she chose to write further- You all need to mark each and every word carefully. I curse you again that your firstborn sons are going to suffer both mental and physical torture, along with your daughters who will suffer both emotional and mental anguish. In short, any of you are not going to prosper in any way.

Now, this curse is for each and everyone who chose to stigmatize me with their wrongful thoughts, actions or even words along with their close associates or friends. It’s enough already taking your shit from all of you. All of you need to take this and receive this right into their minds and souls.

Also, note that no person or priest from any religion or society can easily get out from this. The solution to this curse is only with the supreme power of this universe and will be delivered to you just after your total repentance state.”

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