JK Rowling Says She’s Fully Recovered From COVID-19

jk rowling

Do you know JK Rowling? Have you ever heard about her before? If no, then we update you here with this.

JK Rowling happens to be a world renowned writer who has written dozens of books that include the most famous Harry Potter series.

Recently, she came up on social media and said that after showing the symptoms of coronavirus, she is finally recovered with no signs of infection any longer.

You might be well aware that hundreds of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have been affected to the coronavirus outbreak.

The entire world is currently sitting idle at their homes. But this is the only option left for all of us to stay back in our homes.

One of the main reasons is that there is no vaccine available for the dreaded Covis-19. Isaimini

Other than that, there is only one requirement expected from the audience which is to stay back in their homes comfortably than moving out of their homes.

Coming back to JK Rowling, the famous author urged the audience to stay back in their homes.

This is the only way to contain the virus spread.  The author even replied back her fan’s messages and appreciated their feedback.

This is what she said, “Thank you for your kind and lovely messages! I really am completely recovered and wanted to share a technique that’s recommended by doctors, costs nothing, has no nasty side effects but could help you/your loved ones a lot, as it did me. Stay safe, everyone.”

JK Rowling is one of the famous and worldwide authors who is credited to have written all the 7 parts of Harry Potter series.

She is not only a renowned writer but also the most popular philanthropist and a screen writer.


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