ICMR Study Finds Presence of ‘Bat Coronavirus’ In Two Indian Bat Species

bat coronavirus

As per the latest Bollywood news, as many as two Indian Bat species from Tamilnadu (TN), Himachal Pradesh and Pondicherry have been tested positive for the dreaded Covid-19.

In the presence of the continued attack of the dreaded coronavirus, the entire world has been facing the tremors even after a period of 2 months.

There are various countries that have been affected with the Covid-19 including Italy, Spain and the US.

Even after taking all the respective measures, the coronavirus cases continue to flood most of the countries. It’s being estimated that the toll is going to rise further.

Talking about India, the situation is under control as the country is still far from entering into the community epidemic which is also referred to the stage 3 of the Covid-19.

From the very beginning, you kight have heard that the dreaded coronavirus has come from bats. And now, ICMR has investigated this and found it in as many as 2 Indian species of bats including Pteropus and Rousettus from Tamil Nadu (TN), Himachal Pradesh (HP) and Pondicherry.

The same was confirmed by a scientist Dr Pragya D Yadav at ICMR. The report says that coronavirus found in both the species are not found to have caused disease in humans.

“These bat coronaviruses have no relation with SARS-CoV2 responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic,” Yadav said and also added that Pteropus bat species were earlier found positive for Nipah virus in 2018 and 2019 in Kerala.

“Bats are considered to be the natural reservoir for many viruses, of which some are potential human pathogens. In India, an association of Pteropus medius bats with the Nipah virus was reported in the past. It is suspected that the recently emerged severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) also has its association with bats,” the objective of the study titled ‘Detection of coronaviruses in Pteropus and Rousettus species of bats from different states of India’ stated.

This is what the scientists from ICMR further say, ““Although CoVs in the subfamily coronavirinae do not usually produce clinical symptoms in their natural hosts (bats), the accidental transmission of these viruses to humans and other animals may result in respiratory, enteric, hepatic or neurologic diseases of variable severity. It is still not understood as to why only certain CoVs can infect people,” the study further stated.


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