Coronavirus Outbreak: Jaws Actress Lee Fierro Dies Of Coronavirus At 91

Lee Fierro

Coronavirus Outbreak: It seems that the toll is ever going to rise because of the infection from the dreaded COVID-19. Since the first outbreak of the virus, hundreds of lives have come to an end.

Talking about the Covid-19 pandemic, it is seriously causing a lot of trouble to the society globally. On each working day, we have to hear the news of hundreds of people losing their lives due to this.

Today, many countries like the US, Italy and Spain have deeply affected because of the infection from this virus.

Today, another Hollywood celebrity lost her life just like many others in the past.

Lee Fierro who is also known as Jaw actress died today after the infection from coronavirus.

Lee Fierro is best known for one of her remarkable roles in Steven Spielberg’s movie Jaws (1975).

As per the updates, the former actress happened to be the former resident of Massachusetts but started living in Ohio for the last some time. Isaimini

The report says that Lee Fierro was survived with five daughters along with grandchildren.

As you can see, there are many Hollywood personalities who are losing their lives because of the coronavirus complications.

It was only the last month when Tom Hanks and his wife Rita revealed that they are tested positive for the virus.

The couple was under the treatment since then. As per the reports, they are fine now and have moved to their home in the US.


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