COVID-19 Pandemic-British Actress Hilary Heath Passes Away Due To COVID-19 Complication

hilary heath

Hundreds of people across the world continue to get affected due to Covid-19. It has become such an epidemic where there seems to have been no respite at least for now.

The epidemic due to coronavirus has spread to as many as 95 countries. And there is hardly a place in the entire world which is not affected due to this.

Although, several measures are being done to find a resolution or respite from the Covid-19 pandemic, but nothing has become effective so far. There are some countries like Italy, Spain and the US that have been affected heavily due to this.

Among the list of sufferers from the coronavirus, the name of Hilary Heath has been added as she passed away after having complications due to covid-19.

The actress was best known for her memorable role in one of the horror movies titled Witchfinder General released in the year 1968.

Her godson, Alex Williams was the one who first confirmed the news of his demise for the first time on Facebook.

Hilary Heath was not only a great actor but had also bankrolled a few movies like Gary Oldman’s Nil by Mouth (1997) and An Awfully Big Adventure (1995).

The actress was born in Liverpool, England and made her first debut in the Michael Reeves’ directorial film titled Witchfinder General in the year 1968.


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