Hindi Medium Box Office Collection Day 12- The Film Overpowers Arjun Kapoor’s Half Girldfriend

Hindi Medium box office collection day 12

Before we update you with Hindi Medium box office collection day 12, let’s take a look at the reasons why the film has managed to find a place in people’s hearts.

Do you remember Hindi Medium and Half Girlfriend, released at a time when the impact of Baahubali 2 prevailed all over?

In fact, a plethora of films released during that period, hardly managed to perform at their best.

The charisma of Baahubali 2 has been such that most of the flicks released during that time almost shattered at the box office.

By taking all the above facts into account, nobody could have imagined that both these films will still manage to come out with flying colors!

Well, as you see, Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor starrer, has so far, performed well at the box office. However, if we still go ahead and compare these two movies, then it would not be wrong saying that Irrfan Khan’s Hindi Medium has come out as a winner. There are many reasons to support this.


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Before we update you with Hindi Medium box office collection day 12, let’s concentrate on some facts. Half Girlfriend and Hindi Medium released on May 19, 2017 and still managed to perform at their best.

This was something hard to believe, but all credit goes to the audience. They really liked the content of these two films, especially of Hindi Medium.

In fact, their clash was hardly noticed at the box office. But the way both these films performed at the box office brought them under the scrutiny.

Hindi Medium box office collection day 12- Irrfan Khan film shines due to strong screenplay and marvelous acting

On one hand, Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor starrer already had so much buzz prior to its release that eventually helped the film to emerge as the favorite among the audience, on the other hand, Irrfan Khan’s Half Girlfriend couldn’t produce much hype and remained a mute spectator.

But the tables turned after both the films released and the results are all with us.

Well, its Hindi Medium that has turned out to be a hit as compared to Half Girlfriend, which is struggling to maintain its stake at the box office.

If we talk about Hindi Medium box office collection day 12, the film has already collected a whopping Rs 39.55 crore till Monday.

However, if we tend to gauge the performance of Half Girlfriend against it, Shraddha Kapoor’s movie seems to grapple with a low collection of Rs 6.12 crore (on its 2nd weekend) only.

One of the facts that led to the spectacular performance of Hindi Medium over Half Girlfriend is the content along with a strong word of mouth.

It happened even after a decent performance of Half Girlfriend just after release. But Arjun Kapoor’s film continued to struggle with the passage of time afterwards.

As you can see the figures of last weekend when Arjun Kapoor’s movie managed to collect Rs 32.04 crore, Hindi Medium clearly struggled with just Rs 12.56 crore at the box office.

Well, another factor that helped Hindi Medium to lead is the spectacular performance of Irrfan Khan. Not only this, Saba Qamar (a Pakistani actor) also gathered much praise out of her work in the film too.

It has been established that Half Girlfriend, in spite of getting so much of hype and being a masala film, almost failed to attract eyeballs due to its weak screenplay.

This is the reason why the movie managed to receive only a half heated reception from fans.