Walking Dead Season 8- Ross Marquand Reveals the Series Will Be Full of Jarring Twists

walking dead season 8

Ross Marquand, one of the crew members of the walking dead season 8 has revealed that the new season will be full of jarring twists. Well, as per Marquand, it needs to be seen how it’s going to be different than previous installments.

Marquand (who plays Aaron) also revealed that audience has yet to come across with the best season of zombie apocalypse series, which is going to be the massive one for all the fans out there.

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There is no doubt that previous season of the walking dead series was equally explosive, but the new season will prove much more rocking as before.

walking dead season 8
walking dead season 8 | Image Credit: YouTube

It can still be recalled when a plethora of characters expired in the last season, leaving Rick among other characters to live under the hands of Negan and the Saviors. This is what we have largely seen in the season 7.

The new season will boom with something more weird and unexpected. Fans can undoubtedly expect Rick and his team to at least retaliate using their present set of arms and ammunitions. As per the inputs given by Marquand, there is much more going to happen that will bring a twist in the story. We can surely witness the presence of Rick and his group to retaliate back and fight with Negan.

When asked in detail from Marquand about what fans should expect in the upcoming installment, this is what he asserted during an interview with Comic Book- “I blew away my mind every time I tried to read about every single episode of walking dead season 8. I guess, it might raise the stakes much higher as compared to the entire series. It’s going to look astonishing whatever we will be trying out in the season 8 and hope the fans would admire every single episode aired this season.”

walking dead season 8
walking dead season 8 | Image Credit: Comic Book

Well, it seems that walking dead season 8 is going to raise the bar much higher as compared to the tension-filled and action-packed season 7.

Walking Dead season 8- The new season will bring back the best of all

It can be asserted that the previous season didn’t bring much for the fans and behaved abruptly for many of them, the finale had still carried some hope as most of the main characters were already back in action dealing with the challenge.

Now, as the walking dead season 8 tends to enter a new plot, an all-out fight may ensure between the team and the Saviors. Also, Rick and his team will join forces, among others, to nail Negan down.

walking dead season 8
walking dead season 8 | Image Credit: Digital Spy

For those who’re still in confusion about the trailer of the walking dead season 8: it will get unveiled not before July at the San Diego Comic-Con. Also, the new season will get premiered only in October, 2017 on AMC.

The Waling Dead happens to be one of the famous American post- apocalyptic series designed by none other than Frank Darabont for the television fans. It’s based as per the name of a comic book series, authored by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.

The lead characters in the television series are Andrew Lincoln. ‘Walkers’ happens to be the name given to Rick Grimes, who awakens from a deep coma and finds himself in a world invaded by zombies.