Suicide Squad – Adventure Movie Full of Stupid Acts

adventure movie

Before we update you with this adventure movie, let’s discuss something more about the film:

Suicide Squad is one of the best action and adventure movies that recently proved a mega hit.

It’s directed by David Ayer, starring Will Smith, who is the Oscar nominee (Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness).

Also featuring Jared Leto, who is also the Oscar winner (Dallas Buyers Club) along with Margot Robbie (Focus, The Wolf of Wall Street), Joel Kinnaman (Netflix’s “House of Cards”) and Viola Davis who comes as the Oscar nominee (Doubt).

adventure movie

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The movie is quite successful assembling some of the most incarcerated and dangerous villains and providing them with sturdy weapons, and that too at the  government disposal.

It’s all done to send them off on a secret mission to defeat an insuperable and enigmatic entity.

It’s included in the list of some of the best adventure movies and with a little spice of action involved.

Genre –                   Adventure & Action
Written By –          David Ayer
Directed By –        David Ayer
Release Date –      August 05, 2016
Duration –             123 minutes
Box Office –           $10,005,000

Suicide Squad- Adventure Movie Full of Wild Acts

Amanda Waller, who is playing the character of Viola Davis in this adventure movie can’t seem to stop introducing the phrase “The worst of the worst” in the film.

It’s chosen just to explain an incongruously varied group of never-do-wells, after putting it altogether.

Amanda is looking dashing and courageous in uniform. She is a senior government official and this is quite evident after she is seen conversing with a sturdy guy (in uniform).

Everything can be found out in this one of kind action and adventure movie.


Suicide Squad Movie Review

Suicide Squad can be categorized of being the best adventure movie. You can find a number of funky names of its star cast that nobody is aware of. For example, Will Smith is known as Dead shot.

Nobody knows how he acquires that name. He generates money by simply murdering people. But at times, it seems that he is capable of showing his love, by looking at his eleven year old daughter.

In the same ways, there are some other amusing characters like Diablo as Jay Hernandez, looking more flamboyant than ever.

In the same pattern, Katana, as Karen Fukuhara (Asian) is busy wielding a curved ceremonial sword.

He is just an extra recruit and tossed in at the time of action begins.

The film is both written and directed by David Ayer. People still remembers him from the time of his previous movie “Fury”.

It was based on a story related to the Second World War. Brad Pitt was seen in the lead role as what appeared to be the unflawed German Army using a single tank.

She can perform a number of horrified tasks using them. Have a look at what she can perform at her best:

  • Has powers to summon her brother using a haunting gobbledygook
  • Covering herself with a mystical bikini
  • Still able to find the time to go outside along with Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag).
  • She’s so impressed with a guy who is the finest young lad and a special officer that the country ever produced.
  • Vanish in a gust of black smoke

Suicide Squad’s (action and adventure movie) director David Ayer is busy shuffling his dark antihero concepts from the film “The Dirty Dozen” along with a whip of outsider’s team work from the movie “Ghostbusters”. All these were much better than what he created now.

Every star cast in this highly action and adventure movie speaks about the need of his or her own mental care.

This can be seen even in the entire family flashbacks to more or less convince the audience that the killers are bound to have the hearts of gold.

A fair idea can now be generated after a much in-depth speculation about the movie “Suicide Squad”.

The moments shown in the movie, in fact, are seen more compelling as compared to the boring armies.

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