Baahubali 2 Movie- SRK Says the Film’s Success Owes to It’s Vision and Risk

baahubali 2 movie

Look what ShahRukh Khan has to say on the grand success of the Baahubali 2 movie. The superstar has given his own thoughts after the blockbuster film is proving the greatest flick with a thunderous collection sweeping over Rs 1400 crore globally. SRK says “you can’t produce glory without guts. The Baahubali (series) stands for its own vision and risk”.

ShahRukh Khan said that you must have an instinct to create such a grand blockbuster. You can’t think of success without an instinct. As per the actor, the great grand success of Baahubali 2 lies within its own vision and thought.

We must tell you that SRK has not seen the movie yet, but has all praise for the vision and out thinking of SS Rajamouli. Albeit, the actor has seen only the first part of Baahubali (found it amazing and inspiring), he still needs to watch Baahubali 2 movie and hopes it follows the same pattern just like its first part.

baahubali 2 movie
baahubali 2 movie | Image Credit: YouTube

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After contacting the actor, he said “I only watched Baahubali first part and have not seen the 2nd part as yet. I guess, it’s one of the most inspiring films that has ever been created and I believe this holds true for the second part as well”. This is what he disclosed to the news agency IANS.

The superstar also feels that it would be naive to gauge Baahubali 2 movie success in terms of figures and numbers. He also believes that a film’s success largely lies in its own vision and thought. He concluded by saying- “don’t gauge the success just with figures and numbers but also with vision and guts”, and yes! The film stands for that in real terms!

Baahubali 2 Movie achieved a great success with a clear vision and guts- SRK

SRK, while continuing with his thoughts, disclosed that one should have the guts to make such a grand film like Baahubali. It’s not easy getting success over time after you portray yourself to such a large audience. But if you have a clear vision to create such an astounding cinema to sell to the huge numbers of people in the most nicest, boldest and biggest way possible, you must have guts to take all that with proper planning and dedication. There is no room for failure while doing so.

baahubali 2 movie
baahubali 2 movie | Image Credit: Koimoi

The actor also stressed the role of technology in producing films. There is no doubt while saying that technology can transform a mediocre film to an amazing blockbuster. But he also agrees that our film industry always engaged in producing high quality films even before technology came into existence.

In the end, ShahRukh had all praise for SS Rajamaouli while disclosing his thoughts. He said “there is something more to the success of the Baahubali 2 movie, which is none other than SS Rajamouli himself, who always looks a source of inspiration for every project he takes. Along with that, there are (of course) some other producers and directors who follow exactly the same path like him.

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