Amy Jackson Discloses Her Ideal Place On the Planet

amy jackson

Just like everyone else, Bollywood actress Amy Jackson is reported to have been passing quality timr along with her husband and little daughter. Needless to say, Covid-19 pandemic has taken the lives of millions of people on the earth.

This is why most of the world population is currently on the self isolation mode. With the passage of time, we can observe the surge in the number of cases of coronavirus outbreak.

And this has been happening even after the government is taking all the measures to protect the lives of millions of people. Since there is no treatment currently available for the coronavirus infection, the best idea is to stay home and maintain social distancing while moving out.


This is what the case of Bollywood actress Amy Jackson who is currently in London. On the auspicious occasion of Earth Day, she chose to make the audience aware about her ideal place on the planet.

On the special occasion of Earth day, Amy Jackson chose to share some older pictures of her vacation all the way from Africa.

While sharing those pictures, she didn’t forget to mention how Mother Nature is one of the biggest inspirations of her life.

At the same time, she also stated that Africa happens to be the ideal place for her on the entire planet. And so, she chose to share some of the pictures and reciprocated how crucial it is to protect the mother nature.

Amy Jackson is a British actress who made her debut from Tamil films. Her debut film was Madarasapattinam. It was released in the year 2010 and directed by Vijay.


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