Amy Jackson Is the New Face of Being Human Salman Khan Foundation

being human salman khan

Being Human Salman Khan foundation has got a new face in the form of Amy Jackson. But why Salman picked Amy for his campaign?

As you know, Salman and Amy are good friends, and at many occasions, the 51 year old superstar has promoted her films.

Now, the latest news that we hear is that the superstar has roped in Jackson as the fresh face of his most famous Being Human foundation.

In the recent past, Both Salman and Amy have come closer to become really good friends.

This is quite evident after looking at the picture of Amy with Salman on Instagram. Amy also expressed her excitement in being an indispensable part of his brand campaign.

Being Human Salman Khan foundation has the latest collection of clothing line

This is what she wrote after sharing her picture with the Sultan actor.

Needless to say, both Amy and Salman looked comfortable accompanying each other.

Being Himan Salman Khan brand is quite famous and has been categrorized as per the latest fashion centric clothing provider.

Salman’s ‘Being Human’ brand happens to be the most famous endorser of the latest collection of clothing line.

Along with Being Human Salman Khan brand foundation, there is something else that has become the latest buzz. Salman looked keen to work with Amy from the time of Kick.


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At the same time, Amy also looked interested working with Sajid Nadiadwala’s film, but couldn’t help it as she was busy with Shankar’s I.

Soon after that, Jackson appeared in Sohail Khan’s film ‘Freaky Ali’, released in 2016. This is all it shows how both the stars wanted to perform together.

As Salman was keen to work with Amy Jackson, Amy too expressed his compassion not only for the actor but also for Being Human Salman Khan foundation.

The actress, in an interview expressed her feelings about working with someone like Salma.

She had said that any actress would ever like to work with the superstar.

She also expressed his feelings as how Salman helped her to raise her confidence level.

This is probably the reason why she also considers Salman a great friend. Last year, the 51 year old Sultan actor made a guest appearance at the launch of teaser to support his favorite Amy Jackson.

During the launch of the trailer, someone raised a question before Jackson as if she wanted to date Salman Khan.

To this, she replied who wouldn’t want to date such an actor. She further said I feel happy in being single.