Richa Chadha Shares Some Tips to Save the Nature Earth

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On the occasion of Earth Day, Richa Chadha has shared a few tips and tricks to save the nature Earth. Well, she has not spoken very big things for all of us to follow.

 Instead, she has explained a very few minute details that are easy to implement and exercise to save the planet earth where we live.

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. On this very precious occasion, how can we forget the nature earth where we live and expect all out future generation to follow? 123Mkv

Well, Richa Chadha came forward on this occasion and explained how we can save the planet by implementing smaller things.

After looking at the video that she has shared, it is quite simple to follow all what she has explained. For example, she says the minimum use of plastic.

By implementing this, we will be able to continue to get the benefits of the nature earth even after the completion of lockdown.

In addition to this, she also stressed the need to grow some small herbs and dump the waste to make it decompose. 123Mkv

This way, it can be converted into the man made decompose. It can be beneficial to plants and will ease out oxygen for us. At the same time, it will also purify the environment to the great extent.

While sharing the video, Richa Chadha looked quite excited and stressed the need to follow all those tips and tricks even after the lockdown phase. This is what she explained in the video, “Made a video today for earth day. These things are simple enough even for a 6-year-old but sometimes we tend to forget even the basics that can help contribute. While everyone is busy sharing videos and images of peacocks on roads, dolphins in the sea, clear blue skies. We shouldn’t forget that nature is healing and we must not get back to our old ways when the lockdown is relaxed”, she explained.


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