Zafar Sareshwala Says Aryan Khan & Shahrukh Khan Are Suffering In A Political slugfest

Zafar Sareshwala

Ever since Aryan Khan was arrested in the cruise ship drug case, several political party leaders, celebrities and other intellectuals have raised their voice against the arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son.

In the wake of new development, former chancellor of Maulana Azad University and political commentator Zafar Sareshwala has come forward in the defence of both father and son. Like many others, he too believes that due to the on-going political scuffle between multiple political parties, a father and son are in agony.

Currently, Aryan Khan case is going multi directional with so many angles coming in. We also witnessed a number of allegations on the zonal director of NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) Sameer Wankhede who has taken the charge to bust the drug racket in Bollywood.

This is what Sareshwala says, “In this political slugfest and the entire mayhem, people have forgotten what an anguished father and a son, one who has a whole life ahead of him, are going through.” When asked about the politics over Aryan Khan’s case an how it’s only to create more problems for him, Sareshwala said, “It is definitely going to create more problems for them and therefore both sides must show some restraint. We may say whatever we can but ultimately it is the family that is suffering.”

Sareshwala further says that he belongs to Mumbai and his children have also born and brought up in Mumbai. He said that like SRK, he too has a 23 year old son.

This is what he has to say in this regard, “I know about the drug menace, but it is also about parenting and in this case there is a child and an anguished father. We have to look at things from their perspective, too. What all is being said and written on social media is appalling. For God’s sake, please don’t call him a druggie. Please don’t brand anybody without knowing anything. It is harming the child.”

He further admits saying, “With every word that we speak, we are playing with the child’s life—Shah Rukh Khan may be King Khan but you know he is ultimately a father and I just cannot imagine myself in his place today.”

When asked, it looked like as if Sareshwala didn’t like to comment on the issue of Shah Rukh Khan being targeted. At the same time, he likes to retaliate by saying, “Right now, a child is suffering, lets conduct politics later. Frankly, it could’ve been anybody’s child, but today it is Shah Rukh Khan’s child who is a victim.”

Sareshwala simply recalls the gesture of Shah Rukh Khan towards him and Maulana Azad University. This is what he reveals, “In 2016, the university announced that Shah Rukh Khan would be conferred with an honorary doctorate for which the President was supposed to present him the degree. But the President, even though he was in Hyderabad, refused to come for the convocation ceremony. After that the Governor and the Chief Minister too backed out. I remember feeling that the plan would fall through and Shah Rukh Khan would not come for the function. But then I got them call from him that he was taking the flight. This despite the fact that he knew that both the President and the Governor were not going to be there for the function.”

He adds, “SRK told me, ‘Zafar bhai main aapke aur bachchon ke pyaar ke liye aaya hoon (Zafar bhai I’ve come for your love and the love of the children)’. Not only did he gave away certificates to all the students but delivered a motivational speech, which was one of the best speeches I have ever heard. That is the nobility of the man.”

While giving his views, Sareshwala says that he also has some of his friends working in Bollywood who always say nice thing about Aryan Khan.

This is what he has to say, “My friends from the industry have told me, unlike the other kids, Aryan Khan is a very grounded child and he is just like his father, who is down to Earth and of good character.”


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