Upcoming Horror Movie Clown Town True Story Based In Bakersfield 2014

upcoming horror movie-Clown Town
Image Source: rogersmovienation.com

“Clown Town” is one of a kind (no budget) upcoming horror movie, ready to come out on September 30, 2016.

As per rumors, the film is somewhere connected with all those creepy “clowns sighting episodes” recently spotted in the South Carolina region.

The stage is all set in rural Ohio (where it actually shot). As one expects, the remote and rutted roads out there, seem to go straight and pass in South Carolina (S.C).

A group of folks is going to attend in the famous music concert, and one of them soon to cast, has a drawl.

A bunch of people who are friends land in an abandoned town and get completely stranded.

Soon, they find themselves stalked by a group of psychopath criminals who seem violent in their actions and are dressed in the same ways as Pagliaccis.

It looks like they are inspired from serial and psychopath killer John Wayne Gacy to “The Baseball Furies” street group of “The Warriors.” So, not a hidden secret any longer that Clowns own this town.

Director:                 Tom Nagel
Release Date:         September 30, 2016 (USA)
Written By:            Jeff Miller
Duration:               82 minutes
Casts:                     Jeff Denton (as Baseball Clown), Brain Nagel (as Brad), Lauren Elise (as Sarah)

Upcoming horror movie- Clown Town true story traces to the Bakersfield (CA) 2014

Do you know about the upcoming horror movie Clown Town true story? Well, the film is based on some real life scenarios that take you to the mysterious sightings of Clowns of Bakersfield, California (2014).

This is what producer and writer Jeff Miller has tried to accomplish in the movie along with Tom Nagel (director) that reflects incredibly horrifying tale of survival of people who got stuck mysteriously.

The story centers as many as 4 people who stuck in the crosshairs of as many as 4 psychotic, homicidal and violent clowns.

In this story though, the town is very much taken over by these odds violent and aggressive psychopath clowns who want to rule by Marshall law. But why? Because why the hell not? You will soon find out the ways.

There doesn’t seem much twists in Jeff Miller’s upcoming horror movie, but looks rather simple.

The story says it all as four weary travelers want to reach well in time to their concert and take a shortcut.

But they surprisingly get interrupted and soon end up stranded in a deserted town overrun by some violent clowns.

The travelers include Brad (Brian Nagel) who is seen sticking to his girlfriend Sarah (Lauren Compton) all the way, whereas Mike (Andrew Staton) tries hard to find his lady love Jill (Katie Keene).

Now, everything looks settled for now and soon one horrid night comes to an end. But, this upcoming horror movie shows it all as one expects by looking at the proceedings.

The dangerously looking violent and psychotic clowns usually appear by slaughtering the most innocent as there is no law, no rules, no Lawmen.

Only one thing exists which is just a frantic survival escape (if it happens) from this carnival looking nightmare.