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The Eyes of My Mother

The Eyes of My Mother- A Haunting & Provocative Slice of Gothic Art

The Eyes of My Mother is an upcoming horror movie tries to showcase its Gothic art in crisp black and white mode. A Portuguese mother who happens to be a former surgeon (in Portugal) lives with her daughter, “Francisca” in a secluded farmhouse. Being a former surgeon, she wants to help her daughter learn anatomy […]

upcoming horror movie-Clown Town

Upcoming Horror Movie Clown Town True Story Based In Bakersfield 2014

“Clown Town” is one of a kind (no budget) upcoming horror movie, ready to come out on September 30, 2016. As per rumours, the film is somewhere connected with all those creepy “clowns sighting episodes” recently spotted in the South Carolina region. The stage is all set in rural Ohio (where it actually shot). As […]

upcoming horror movies

Upcoming Horror Movies to Scare You the Most

Upcoming Horror Movies 2018 The era we live in sometimes elicit an uncommon level of anticipation due to a plethora of upcoming horror movies. The basic idea that we are trying to explore here is to find those factors responsible attaining high levels of curiosity among horror movie fans. There was a time when the […]