Upcoming Horror Movie 2016- “31′ Is Bloody And Unintentionally Relevant to Watch

upcoming horror movie 2016
Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Before we discuss the upcoming horror movie 2016, let’s present you its synopsis. The whole idea that floats behind the movie is based on missing people during Halloween.

The film is directed by Zombie who himself tries to create stories about Halloween,

in particular. The plot says as many as five carnies are trapped by a bunch of weird looking guys who come forward doing Victorian make up and are in wigs.

They’re forced to involve them in a game – “31” which primarily means October 31. They’re given a task to fight with killer clowns in a short span of time.

As per the rules, those who survive, may leave. Soon after this, the viewers are introduced with yet another game that used to exist even before the film started.

This is followed by Doomhead that slowly kills a reverend.

Now, the story begins in the present and shows as many as eight carnies are moving on a road trip by a group of clowns attacks them and kill three of them.

Those who survived in the attack are brought to a horrified mansion where they’re again given 12 hours of time to survive from the attack of hordes of killer clowns.

As the plot deepens, it becomes quite evident that Sheri Moon’s is going to be the final girl.

The clowns shown in the movie are different personalities. For example, first one is “Sick-head”, then a Mexican Nazi midget.

After that, the other two are brothers by the names “Schizo-head” and “Death-head” who are shown wielding chainsaws. After that come “Death-head” and “Sex-head” (couple in S&M costumes).

The final one is “Doom-head” who’s there to finish the job. However, you can’t find any connection between them.

Talking about the violence and gore, then you can see a plenty of it in the movie. It’s at least far better than Lords of Salem.

Upcoming Horror Movie Plot

The upcoming horror movie 2016 starts with a bunch of carnies who are abducted during their visit by none other than city clowns.

After they get abducted, they’re introduced with a simple game by Father Muder (as Malcolm McDowell).

He addresses them if they are able to survive for 12 hours, then they will be free to leave. However, if they die, it means they will lose the game.

He even mentions the players taking part in the game. For the first challenge, he calls “Sick-Head”. He’s wearing a Hitler clown wearing Nazi-worship midget. Now, the game starts. Venus (Meg Foster), Levon (Kevin Jackson),

Charley (Sheri Moon Zombie), Panda (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) and Roscoe (Jeff Daniel Phillips) are introduced to the Hallowen party but have no option to leave early.

Now, repetition becomes much frequent after they kill the first “Head”. The film “31” is shown to nail as many costumes and therefore tries to build sinister locations. Those who are quite familiar to Zombie fans, the film would make sense to them but otherwise not.

It largely shows ample of faucal matter, vomit, gore and blood. Along with this, the movie also shows non-sequitur and death spasms.

It also explores the physical exhaustion against cruel clowns with chainsaws. He’s free to do whatever he can as a director has given him full authority to do whatever you can.

This movie seems a comedown as compared to the occasional audaciousness of “The Lords of Salem”.