Tyler Perry’s Madea Halloween is More Like A Familiar Treat


BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN is a means to spend another holiday for Tyler Perry to discuss the problems facing families and parents in his stiff.

The movie shows how Madea winds up at the center of mayhem and spends a haunted and hilarious Halloween fending off ghosts, zombies, killers and paranormal poltergeists along taking care of a group of naughty teens.

Director and writer Tyler Perry is known to showcase as many numbers of Madea Halloweens in the past, but now it seems that he has learned the art so perfectly.

If we discuss his previous outings as Boo! A Madea Halloween that witnessed some over the top performances, it can be precisely ascertained that audiences would continue to give away their love for any such film that comes in the future.


How Perry scares up in A Madea Halloween

The plot of this movie starts with Brian Perry, who is the father of a seventeen year old daughter by the name Tiffany.

For the Halloween night, the much anticipated pushover father asks Madea (his aunt) to watch her daughter. Now, after knowing this she’s seen charged and doesn’t want her grandniece to go to a nearby frat party for some time.

For this, she thinks to take the help from 3 people- Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis), uncle Joe and Hattie. But one thing that comes to light is that all these four cantankerous guys not only involve with rebellious teenagers, but also battle with dread clowns, lumbering zombies and much more.

The movie is also seen stuffed with some famous stars from YouTube. They include Liza Koshy, Jc Caylen, Yousef Erakat to name a few.

Perry can always be seen enjoying and playing his character as always. The final and last moments of the film extract some morals as well.

The film can be summarized to be like a jolting switch from a much expected humor to a non stop comedy.