Tanushree Dutta Calls Nana Patekar A Pathological Liar In Rsponse to MeToo Allegations

Tanushree Dutta

Do you remember MeToo movement that ignited a huge controversy in 2018? Well, it all happened once again after veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar broke silence against the sexual allegations made by the actress Tanushree Dutta.

He recently stated that he always knew that allegations marked on him are false. That’s the reason why he never spoke about it and maintained his silence. Now, Tanushree has reacted to the remarks of Nana Patekar and called him a pathological liar.

While responding on his statement on MeToo allegations, Tanushree chose to post a long note where he stated her side. In the note she also stated that why it took 6 years to respond to #metoo?

This is what Tanushree post is all about, Nana Patekar is a big liar as the entire world knows right after the slapping incident of Varanasi boy.

Initially, Nana Patekar tried to justify the incident as part of the shoot, facing severe public backlash for attempting to conceal his misconduct. Eventually, he made a sudden U-turn and offered a half-hearted apology. Why did it take him six years to respond to #MeToo?


Tanushree Dutta Calls Nana Patekar A Pathological Liar In Rsponse to MeToo Allegations

The actress continued saying, “Il tell u why…because he knows dat I may be contemplating another FIR on Nana for conspiracy to murder, criminal intimidation & threat, stalking and cause physical harm. I went through severe harassment from unknown groups of people last few years. I was followed & stalked by strangers wherever I went. Freak Accidents and several attempts to poison me with various substances ensued relentlessly. There were a few attempts to corner me and manipulate me into dangerous situations with strangers too. A lot of wierd stuff kept happening to me & around me & All of these people seemed like hired goons. The situations I was in and having to navigate through seemed very much like what SSR might have gone through but thank God I survived all this. No prizes for guessing who was behind all this given Nana’s criminal background. (Nana proudly boasts in youtube interviews about being closely related to deceased underworld gangster Manya Surve). He thought that I would be dead by now according to his plan but I survived. And now he is scared and his supporters base in Bollywood has dwindled. All those who supported him are either bankrupt, lost their status or have sidelined him. People can see through his manipulations now and thus he comes up with another major gaslight.”

It all happened in 2018 when Tanushree Dutta claimed in her statement that initially a film titled Horn Ok Pleassss was to feature her alone.

Still, Nana Patekar, who was present on the sets came closer to her and even tried to get physically close to her under the pretext of teaching her a few dance steps. And the entire incident made her felt uncomfortable.

Right after her allegations, an FIR  was launched against Nana Patekar. But the case was simply closed after a year as there were no substantial evidence to prove her point.

Denying the allegations firmly, this is what Nana Patekar has to say to The Lallantop, “I was aware they were entirely false, so I didn’t react angrily. When everything was fabricated, why would I be angry? Those incidents are in the past now; they’ve already occurred. Why revisit them?

Everyone knew the truth. When nothing of that nature happened, what could I have said at that time? Suddenly, someone accuses you of this and that. How should one respond to such accusations? Should I have denied them? I know the truth, and I am innocent.”


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