A Steep Fall in TRPs for The Kapil Sharma Show Sony Tv- What’s the Reason?

the kapil sharma show

The Kapil Sharma Show– Sony Tv is widely spreading its wings ever since it was launched for the first time.

For those who don’t know about the show- It’s one of the most admired stand-up comedy shows that is screened on Indian television every Saturday and Sunday night at 10 PM.

The show was first premiered for the Indian audience on April 23, 2016.

The entire series of the comedy show revolves around Kapil and his associates in the housing society of Shantivan.

The comedy show before its launch was originally created for not more than 26 episodes, but after analyzing its ever rising visibility globally, it was extended indefinetely.

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The Kapil Sharma show- Sony Tv, was first announced by Kapil Sharma himself in December 2015 when he planned to present an entirely new comedy and chat show for his fans and audience who follow him immensely.

After it was launched for the first time to the Indian audience, it received mixed reactions across the country.

For example, some critics praised the show, especially commenting on the witty one- liners that make you smile all over.

The Kapil Sharma Show cast

Kapil Sharma- The main cast of the comedy show is Kapil Sharma himself. He’s seen performing various characters like Kappu Sharma as the Siti Cable presentator, Gappu Sharma (brother of Chappu and Kappu), Rajesh Arora, Bhatori and various other characters.

Navjot Sidhu– Serving as a permanent guest

Sunil Grover- Sunil is one of the main characters of the Kapil Sharma Show. He’s doing the character of Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

He runs the most famous 50-50- Hospital. He’s actually seen doing many characters, including Rinku Devi, Piddhu, Suman Hooda.

However, Rinku Devi is the most popular one where he becomes Kappu’s neighbour as well as Santosh’s (another character) sister-in-law.

Ali Sagar- Ali Sagar performs the character of Nani (grandmother of Kappu). He also loves doing the characters like Begum Lucchi, Baby Naz, etc.

Chandan Prabhakar- He performs the most favorite Chandu (who runs the tea stall). He’s also seen playing the roles of Vimla Devi, Pakori and various other characters.

Kiku Sharda- Kiku loves performing the character of Bumper. She works in the most famous 50-50 hospital as a nurse. She’s also known by the name Santosh and various other characters.

A Steep Fall in TRPs for The Kapil Sharma Show Sony Tv?

In the recent past, the Kapil Sharma show has seen some fluctuations in the TRP ratings of his show. The show, no doubt has been performing so well that it overpowered other television series easily.

If we ignore some earlier performances, the comedy show only managed to slip to the number 3 slot from number 1.

But this week, the show further slipped to number 7 position. May be, this is due to a new reality show, just launched.

TKSS is seeing a stiff competition with ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ which is currently number 1 show at the moment.

Coming on to the data, TKSS topped the charts with as close to 7.1 million impressions, as per the data recovered from BARC India.