Kong Skull Island Godzilla Connection Revealed- Find the Truth

kong skull island godzilla

Have you heard about the movie Kong skull island Godzilla connection? Well, if you have taken a note about the announcements and developments made by Warner Bros., and Legendary Pics Pvt. Ltd., then you might look out for the reasons as how this most trending movie lies within the same cinematic space as 2014 released film Godzilla.

Not only this, they even announced the movie will be followed by another movie Godzilla 2 by next year in 2018. This movie is presently titled as Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

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The film also features Brie Larson, who’s none other than a war photographer, also known as Weaver.

The guy smells something more coming out to this expedition as compared to what the entire crew is letting on. Jason Mitchell, Samuel L. Jackson, Corey Hawkins, Toby Kebbell and John C. Reilly tends to make out the cast.

While analyzing the Kong skull island Godzilla connection, it seems the film deliberately gets the probabilistic prediction from one of the best Vietnam movies ever created –

Apocalypse Now (1979). This movie also behaves quite similar to the present one showing a long and tedious trip into the nearby jungles to locate something legendary.

The story further shows the similarity that shows it’s rife with catastrophic scenes of terror and fire all along. The film also seems full with plenty of 1970’s music as well.

Kong Skull Island Godzilla connections relates to the movie Godzilla, 2014

If there is a need chase the Kong Skull Island Godzilla connectivity, there are plenty of worthy moments that justifies the same.

Like it has a resemblance with 2014 released movie Godzilla that was directed by none other than Gareth Edwards.

The movie shows the presence of massive monsters who continuously keep edging the peace and humanity out of the fame. The film Godzilla was created by a seemingly strong and centralized idea.

If you see, there is quite less information depicted every time a Kong movie is released. For example, you may check the credibility of the above information from some of the Kong movies released in the year 1933, 1977 and 2005.

There is absolutely no explanation of where the Kong arrived from, as we don’t need to acquire all the information knowing its existence had been long enough. 

The entire approach signifies a certain level of sense with the huge monster.

As you can see the big lizard has finally come out of the metaphor and then finally evolving like a superhero.