Bigg Boss 13: Koena Mitra Regrets Being Part of the Show- Find More

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Bigg Boss 13– It seems reality show Bigg Boss 13 has to witness some more controversies just like before. This time, Koena Mitra joins the bandwagon to discriminate Bigg Boss 13.

The actress took to her Twitter account and narrated that she now regrets to be a part of the show. Koena Mitra has already been eliminated from the show.

This time, the actress says that she feels horrible for some of the contestants who are still a part of the Bigg Boss house which is being hosted by none other than Salman Khan. The actress even calls two of them “ill psychopaths’.

The kind of anguish Koena reflects can be easily revealed after looking at her Tweets that she posted on Monday.



This is what the actress tweeted, “Today, I simply regret in being the part of Bigg Boss 13. And everyone knows why I have to say this. Right now, I feel horrible for every odd contestant who is in the Bigg Boss 13 house at the moment. Out of them two are severely ill psychopaths and nothing more than that.”



However, she didn’t reveal the names of those contestants clearly. And so, we could not make out the names of those participants of the Bigg Boss 13 show to which she is referring to.


Bigg Boss 13- Koena Mitra Not Happy with the Contestants

Koena Mitra tweeted right at the time when the audience witnessed a few controversies taking place in the Bigg Boss 13 show. Today, it showcased how Sidharth along with Rashmi washes their linen over the weekend.


koena mitra


This is when Rashmi discusses about her previous fights with her colleague Arti.

She also alleged that the later never supported her when the former needed it the most. In addition to this, we all witnessed how Rashmi fights with Arti on yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13.

Well, there is more to what we just narrated about the Bigg Boss 13 show. This time, audiences witnesses how all the participants started ganging up against Asim.

In yet another incident, it shows how Shehnaaz Gill and Madhurima Tulli are credited to divide the entire Bigg Boss 13 house into two groups.

Later, it shows how Mahira has to affirm that she is not interested to prepare breakfast for anyone soon after she had a fight with Paras Chhabra.

This triggers Madhurima whose job is to wash the utensils. After listening to what Mahira says, Madhurima declares that she will also not wash the utensils now.

Now, as the day progresses further, it showcases how Shehnaaz, Arti and Sidharth come together against Madhurima. All of them can be clearly seen criticising Madhurima as she is not able to carry out her assigned duties perfectly.

Now, let’s discuss about Koena Mitra who was herself voted out of the Bigg Boss 13 in the 2nd week after making some derogatory remarks against the show.

This is what Koena Mitra remarked earlier against the show, “Hey, there is no dignity and sensibility left in this Bigg Boss 13 show any longer. Salman had said this to me earlier! You don’t have to wonder as vulgarity and mocking is largely being promoted as the source of entertainment. On the other side of it, both the violence and arrogance is being promoted as Heroism!!”