Shraddha Kapoor Says She’s Common Man’s Heroine

common man's heroine
Image Credit: Cine Desire

Shraddha Kapoor by now is well recognised in the entertainment industry as a girl-next-door and calls herself as common man’s heroine. It seems that she can be anyone’s buddy. This is what she has got the response back from her fans.

Now, She’s soon going to act in “Rock On! 2” which is again a musical drama. She said I am pretty sure that my fans would like both my act as well as its peppy music.

Apart from that, Shraddha Kapoor finds herself not so difficult to approach for her fans.

Those who know her personally reveal that she’s quite down to earth unlike most younger film stars.

When the actress was asked about it, she said if my fans think like that, it would be more a compliment. She further said that I feel myself as common man’s heroine as my fans recognize me the same. One common reason that she relates is because that her fans can well relate to her.

On one occasion, the actress gives enough jolt to her photographers as she doesn’t appear for a shoot. Soon after this, someone tries to settle down the matter, saying she will surely arrive within 20 minutes.

But to their surprise, she appears within a few minutes. She just walks in using one of the staffers as her shield straight into the waiting room.

The actress, as it looks evident, doesn’t seem to carry her aura that deters a welcome. She seems so simple and elegant in her actions and this is one of the reasons why she looks so simple and approachable to her fans. This is another reason she has attained a much needed respect among her viewers.

Shraddha Kapoor feels pride to be a common man’s heroine

Shraddha says it’s been an interesting journey for her till now. She’s grown admiring and feeling Rock On band, it’s all time magic in finally becoming its member.

She has all praise for “Farhan Akhtar” and says that he always spurred the need to create an altogether different cinema experience. He was also the one who should be given the credit for inspiring her to sing.

Shraddha has all praise for Farhan, especially after watching him perform in Rock On. She thought if he can do it, then why can’t she.

The actress already knew that she’s a common man’s heroine and had all the capabilities of singing as she learned the music from her grandfather.

Shraddha when asked if her experience is going to translate into her fan’s admiration, she replied in a positive way and said if it’s been appreciated the way it’s now, then why not in the future. I’m quite hopeful that my fans call me common man’s heroine.

She further said that if fans like the song to get incorporated into the film, then it would definitely work for her. She also explained her love for the old cinema (from the times of legendary Guru Dutt).

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