Govinda, Salman Khan to Star In the Sequel of Partner

Sequel of Partner
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Do you remember the film ‘Partner’ staring Salman Khan and Govinda? Well, the film was much appreciated after it released in the year 2oo7.

Now, the time has come for the sequel of Partner. There are plans of making its sequel.

There were speculations in the year 2011 itself about the interest of Salman towards the comic caper that also starred ‘Lara Dutta’ and ‘Ktrina Kaif’. However, things have always been changing as of now.

But the question is: who will direct the film this time? Well, the conversations are still going on regarding the selection of the director. As of now, Sajid-Farhad are being considered to direct this comedy drama.

It’s highly unlikely that David Dhawan is going to direct the sequel of ‘Partner’ (for the second time) as he’s currently busy with his second outing of the famous comedy blockbuster ‘Judwa’ that was released in the year 1997.

The sequel of ‘Judwa’ is going to star none other than “Varun Dhawan” who’s the son of David Dhawan.

Sequel of Partner
Image Credit: YouTube

For the time being, it’s too early to speculate things about the roles, production and direction to produce Sequel of Partner. For example, whether ‘Chi Chi’ and Salman are going to reprise their roles or not.

Time will only decide about the fate of roles that are given to the future star cast of the film.

It’s also possible that we could see some new and fresh faces in the star cast. But one thing for sure, whoever be the part of the sequel of ‘Partner’, it’s going to prove a mega hit.

On the other hand, fans of Govinda and Salman are desperate to see them together in the Sequel of Partner. They say that we want them to be a part of the star cast as it’s been ages since we have spotted them together in a movie.

Is there a chance that sequel of Partner would cast new faces?

It’s beyond doubt that the Govinda-Salman pair has done wonders on the big screen in the past. Ever since the idea to cast both Salman and Govinda floated among the movie makers, it was welcomed from the entire Bollywood fraternity.

Not only that, everyone appreciated their performance every time a film was released casting them. Now, if the sequel of ‘Partner’, again cast them in the movie, it will be like a dream come true for the fans of Govinda and Salman.

If we discuss something about David Dhawan, then he’s known to produce a plethora of comedy flicks by casting Govinda. He knows how to make a comedy to casting Chi Chi at the best.

He’s in fact known to create as many comedy flicks in the past. Well, if David Dhawan will not direct the sequel, then somebody else has to direct. For now, the choice is Sajid-Farhad. They’re also known to direct films at their best.

The duo is one of the most illustrious personalities in the Indian cinema. They’re known as writers and directors.

In the past, they have written a plethora of movies, including ‘Housefull 3’ (2016), ‘Entertainment’ (2014), ‘Chennai Express’ (2013), ‘Housefull 2’ (2012) including many others. However, they first started their career as lyricists.

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