Now, Music Video of Atif Aslam to Face The Heat

Atif Aslam
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Like a plethora of Pakistani artists targeted earlier, now it’s time for Atif Aslam to face the heat. Do you remember the recent controversies raised at the time of “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” release?

Well, if you are not aware of the entire episode, let’s give you a quick recap of the course of events that took place at the recent time.

It all happened when our Indian soldiers were attacked by Pakistani rangers in ‘Uri’ district on the fateful night of September 18, 2016.

It was not a small infiltration from Pakistan. Albeit, these kind of cross border fire used to happen most of the times, but the recent terrorist attack in “Uri” left everybody red faced.

Having a tumultuous relationship with Pakistan (as everybody knows) should not be taken for granted. India knows that there is only one way to get this under control, which is by doing proper retaliation.

The whole country blew up in anguish after we lost 19 Indian soldiers forever and it was enough to attract all kind of agitations across the country to ban every single Pakistani actor to work in India, as a measure of non-corporation from our side.

The message is clear: Talks and massacre can’t happen simultaneously. Coming back to Atif Aslam. We all know that he’s a fabulous singer, but belongs to

Pakistan. It’s not only that artists from Pakistan are facing the heat, but also the music videos. During the last month’s agitation that happened against Pakistani actors, it’s reported that Atif Aslam was busy shooting for a music video in Turkey with famous actress Ileana D’Cruz.

Atif Aslam has no choice but to place the music album in cold storage till the situation comes under control

The music album produced by T-series now making the owners feel reluctant to release. All the makers are of a view that it would not be wise to release the music album of Atif Aslam in the present sort of circumstances.

The producers can’t do much about it, but want to get rid of the album for now. This is because they have no other choice left with them. Both the producers are now waiting to take a call after things go under control.

This is exactly what Vinod Bhanushali (T-series) has to say. As per him, they have no plans to release the work done by them into the market.

They have to say that we’re not planning to release the music video featuring Atif Aslam as of now and don’t even know about its release.

It was directed and choreographed by none other than Ahmed Khan and filmed in the ruins of Ephesus (famous archaeological place in Turkey).

Amid all the controversies, there are some more speculations in the biz world. The production team also don’t want to include any of the tracks of Atif in their upcoming film as well.

The noted singer came to fame with his famous “Woh Lamhe” track from the Emraan Haashmi movie Zeher, released in 2005. He was introduced by none other than Mahesh Bhatt into the industry.

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