Shahrukh Khan Latest Movie Zero Was Partially Shot in Dubai

shahrukh khan latest movie

Shahrukh Khan latest movie– Do you know that some part of Shahrukh Khan latest movie Zero has been shot in Dubai? Well, it is not a hidden fact any more as it has been revealed to the masses. But, being a SRK fan, you might be looking for something that you do not know.


Shahrukh Khan latest movie zero


Even before Shahrukh Khan latest movie zero was not promoted, nobody knew about it. At that time, fans only knew that it is going to be one of the Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies. By looking at the Zero movie poster that was revealed to the public some time back, fans looked more excited than ever.


Movie Name:                                Zero (Dwarf)
Genre:                                              Romance / Comedy
Released Date:                             December 21, 2018
Directed By:                                 Anand L Rai
Produced By:                               Anand L Rai, Gauri Khan
Casts:                                              ShahRukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Abhay Deol


Well, there is lot more coming up in this Shahrukh Khan latest movie than you expect. As we have already given you the insights about the film was shot in UAE (United Arab Emirates) that was confirmed by Dubai Film and Television Commission itself. So, there is not much confusion left any longer.



For those, who are the follower of SRK, want to follow the superstar in every single way they can. It’s not just SRK movies that his fans want to look at, it is much more than that.

Well, it seems that Zero is going to be one of the most anticipating upcoming Bollywood movies 2018.

This Anand L Rai film is creating ripples across the country, especially after the makers released the Zero movie poster as well as the trailer. Zero is to be released on December 21, 2018.

At this time, you might be interested to know about the story line (plot) of this SRK upcoming movie. Well, not much has been revealed by the makers at this time. Still, there is something to share with you guys at the moment.

Zero movie poster does not feature the late actress Sridevi

Zero is all about the story of a man who has a short (dwarf) personality. The character is being played by SRK himself. It further shows how this dwarf man falls in love with someone who is suffering from Cerebral Palsy, being played by none other than Anushka Sharma.


shahrukh khan latest movie


This is the moment when life goes complicated for SRK unless someone else comes into his life. She is none other than Katrina Kaif. As you see, the film revolves around these three characters. You can unplug the entire mystery only on December 21, 2018 when the film is released on the silver screen.

Zero will also feature a cameo appearance by Sridevi. This way, it is counted her last film where she enacted. But the late actress does not appear in the trailer.

Shahrukh Khan latest movie zero was also shot in the US

As per the reports from the industry insiders, a major part of Shahrukh Khan latest movie Zero was also shot in the US (Alabama). Some part of the movie was also shot in Mumbai as well. Interestingly, the filming of Zero was started as early as May 2017.

Please look at the Zero movie trailer that looks nice but is hard to establish about which part is shot in Dubai/USA.

Well, Dubai and SRK have a long lasting relation. SRK is often spotted in Dubai as the country is one of the favorite destinations for the great actor. So, there is not much surprise to know that Zero has also been shot in Dubai.

Shahrukh Khan latest movie Zero also witnesses one more cameo appearance played by none other than Salman Khan who was earlier considered to become the lead actor in the film.

Well, as we have covered so much about Zero, the time will tell how the movie actually performs on the silver screen. But for now, it seems everything goes well for the SRK latest movie. This is what we can say after looking at the Zero movie poster and the trailer.


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