Upcoming Horror Movies to Scare You the Most

Upcoming Horror Movies 2018

The era we live in sometimes elicit an uncommon level of anticipation due to a plethora of upcoming horror movies. The basic idea that we are trying to explore here is to find those factors responsible attaining high levels of curiosity among horror movie fans. There was a time when the particular genre used to present specific content to the audiences.


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Albeit, this never used to happen a low grade performance, but still diminishing in some specific flavors. For example, you can very well feel the screening of upcoming horror movies in the form of hideous Halloweens. Such films are scary and have been successful attaining the profound respect among viewers.

While discussing upcoming horror movies, we should never forget the roles of all those filmmakers who always tried to set their tune as per the audience tastes. One question that certainly strikes in minds is whether they reached the hideous pinnacle of perfection, they expected for all these decades?

And what about those freaking nostalgic horror classics during the late 80’s that were quite benign to compare? Well, one of the reasons responsible to make today’s horror flicks seem more scary in the presence of high-tech special effects.

If we try to scrutinise classic upcoming horror movies over the past 60 years or more, then we arrive at the conclusion about how they changed so horrifically. The eerie genre that we are discussing about having, no doubt, evolved from a cost effective low budget and cheesy special-effects-driven old classics to those hideous and gorily graphic masterpieces narrating a spooky tale.

Some of the old and unbeatable films of the genre are Dracula, the Mummy, the wolf Man and so on. But if we analyse such great flicks in today’s perspective, they tend to fall way behind as what we call and understand horror today.

The year 2016 has already seen a plethora of successful horror films like The Conjuring 2, Don’t Breathe, The Shallows and many others. There are still 3 months left in the year to come to an end. Have a look at some of the upcoming horror movies that are yet to be screened before the year ends.

Well, the year 2017 happened to be one of the biggest years in the genre of horror flicks amounting to a plenty of scary movies that cost almost $750 million at the box office alone. Some of the movies that were successful creating a scare among the audience included Split, Get Out, Annabelle and IT.

Each one of the movies not only created a buzz among the audience but was also successful registering up to $200 million across the world. All we can summarize by saying the year 2017 almost set an intensively high bar for the horror genre- but the year 2018 also looks well-stacked as well.

You can further analyze all the movies released in the specific genre and conclude that there were a few films that even completed the race of winning an Oscar. Like “Get Out” that won an Oscar and rated among the list of successful films in the year 2017.

Some other ones that were equally impressive include It Comes at Night, Raw, etc. These movies gave chills to the audiences throughout the year.

This year (2018), we have already seen “A Quiet Place“- A movie that scared everyone out there and a lot more is about to come out.

Upcoming horror movies yet to be screened:





upcoming horror movies
upcoming horror movies


Movie Name:                              The Purge: The Island
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                           July 04, 2018
Directed By:                                Gerard McMurray
Produced By:                               Michael Bay, James DeMonaco
Casts:                                              Joivan Wade, Marisa Tomei, Lauren Vélez


The concept behind the Purge films has undoubtedly been great. One of the foremost reasons to believe this is due to the fact that they give you enough possibilities after expanding the scope of the movie.

Well, there are 2 different concepts right there- one happens to be the basic home invasion, as seen in the first part of the Purge. The second part depicts the world building thriller concept in the election and anarchy year.

James DeMonaco, the creator of the film is still there to pen the concept by enticing some new blood to bring you a different world of The Purge.




upcoming horror movies
upcoming horror movies | Image Credit: YouTube


Movie Name:                              The Nun
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                           September 07, 2018
Directed By:                                Corin Hardy
Produced By:                              Peter Safran, James Wan
Casts:                                              Taissa Farmiga, Ingrid Bisu, Charlotte Hope


It’s a story of a young nun in Romania who looks so desperate and takes her own life at a sheltered abbey. This is when a priest comes in who has a haunted past.

He’s actually a novitiate and is already in the process of becoming a priest but after undergoing final vows. At this time, they are sent by the Vatican to properly investigate. They both are successful uncovering the unholy secret.

They are not even afraid of risking their lives and souls, and try to confront a sort of malevolent force just like the same demonic nun that was last seen in ‘The Conjuring 2’ and terrorized everyone. And right after this, the abbey becomes a kind of haunted battleground between the damned and the living.



upcoming horror movies
upcoming horror movies | Image Credit: YouTube


Movie Name:                              The Meg
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                           August 19, 2018
Directed By:                                Jon Turteltaub
Produced By:                              Jon Turteltaub
Casts:                                              Ruby Rose, Jason Statham


It’s a film based on the deep sea (underwater) project that is attacked by a huge creature. It confused everybody initially as it was earlier thought to have been extinct. But the fact is that it still lies in the deepest trench in the region of the Pacific Ocean and is seen with its crew almost trapped inside.

Deep sea diver and expert Jonas Taylor who has just been recruited by a Chinese oceanographer and decides to go on for a mission to save the crew from this huge beast that has become more like an unstoppable threat both to the lives of people and the ocean.

It’s no less than a 75 feet long shark by the name Megalodon. One of the highly surprising facts that now come to the surface is that Taylor had actually encountered the same huge creature. Now, Taylor has to confront the entire crew trapped inside.



upcoming horror movies
upcoming horror movies | Image Credit:YouTube


Movie Name:                              The Predator
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                           September 14, 2018
Directed By:                                Shane Black
Produced By:                              Jon Turteltaub
Casts:                                              Joel Silver, Lawrence Gordon, John Davis


In the predator series, the hunt is seen coming in the form of Shane Black’s invention. At this time, the universe’s great lethal hunters have become deadlier, smarter and stronger than before. They have now upgraded themselves with the help of genetic mutations.



upcoming horror movies
upcoming horror movies | Image Credit: Horror Freak News


Movie Name:                              Halloween
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                           September 14, 2018
Directed By:                                 David Gordon Green
Written By:                                 Jeff Fradley, Danny McBride (IV)
Casts:                                              Nick Castle, Jamie Lee Curtis, Will Patton


In this movie, Jamie Lee Curtis is yet seen again in her iconic role of Laurie Strode and comes for a final confrontation with none other than Michael Myers. He happens to be the same masked figure that tried to kill her almost 4 decades ago but she narrowly escaped.



upcoming horror movies
upcoming horror movies | Image Credit: IndieWire


Movie Name:                              The House That Jack Built
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                           November 29, 2018
Directed By:                                 Lars von Trier
Produced By:                               Louise Vesth, Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Lars von Trier
Casts:                                              Matt Dillon, Riley Keough, Uma Thurman


It’s one of the upcoming horror movies that follow Jack who is seen after a span of over 12 years and talks about the murders that define his development in the form of a serial killer. As he narrates each murder from his own perspective, it eventually populates it in the form of an artwork.




upcoming horror movies
upcoming horror movies | Image Credit: House of Tortured Souls


Movie Name:                              Suspiria
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                           November 29, 2018
Directed By:                                Luca Guadagnino
Produced By:                               Louise Vesth, Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Lars von Trier
Casts:                                              Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, Mia Goth


It’s one of the upcoming horror movies that revolves around the director of a world renowned dance company. He’s an American guy who is new to the troupe and also a psychotherapist who just becomes entangled in a sighing bloody nightmare.




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