Rakul Preet Singh Motivates Fans By Showcasing Her Flexible Postures

rakul preet singh

Today, the the entire world is facing a peculiar situation fighting against Covid-19 pandemic like never before. Due to this, most of the countries have gone into the phase of lockdown including India.

If you look closely into the lives of people who are forced to love their lives relishing under the lockdown, you will find how they have learnt to live by experimenting different things. Talking about celebrities, they are no way different than others.

Now, if you have to take a look what Rakul Preet Singh is up to, you will find how many different ways; the actress is able to motivates her fans.

Rakul Preet Singh


Right from the start of the lockdown, Rakul has been maintaining her rhythm by uploading videos and messages on social media channels.

Most of the times, she is seen posting inspiring videos. At other times, she can be spotted uploading videos of interesting recipes, indoor games, home workout and many others.

She is also doing this to keep her fans motivated in the long phase of lockdown.

In some other videos, you can find her giving a message to keep following the rules of social distancing to avoid any complications from COVID-19 pandemic.

But this time, Rakul Preet Singh took to her Instagram and shared a perfect picture of her workout in a stretching position. This is what she captioned it while sharing, “when you can slide like butter anywhere”.

She also shared this, “I could barely touch my hands to my feet when I started and to achieve this feels amazing”¸

Rakul Preet Singh comes from the fitness world. In her earlier statement she had pointed out that she starts feeling lazy and lethargic if she does not work out at least for 2-3 days. 

She also says that you not only need to remove all the toxins from your face and hands by washing them but also need to remove the same from your entire body as well.

On the work front, Rakul will be seen in her next film titled Indian 2 which is currently going into different stages of production.


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