Covid-19 Pandemic: Post-Production Work on Santhanam’s ‘Biskoth’ Resumes


Amid lockdown, almost everything has been affected in the bad shape.

Talking about different industries altogether, there are hundreds of things that have come to the radar of coronavirus.

Talking about the entertainment industry, the production of movies adversely affected soon after the country had to impose the lockdown in almost all the states.

Even today, we are overseeing lockdown due to the dangers of coronavirus.

After the PM announced lockdown, the production work of hundreds of upcoming films was forced to stop. But now, it seems that the situation has improved a bit.

Like many other films, the post production of Biskonth has now started. As per the latest Bollywood news, Santhanam is busy working for films like Biskoth’ and Dikkilona.


The South star has already worked with so many renowned director and producers.

In the month of March, the first look poster of Biskoth was released where the audience tend to watch him play a different kind of role.

After the Tamil Nadu (TN) government approved various production houses to resume their work, it started the pot production work of so many films simultaneously.

R Kannan, who is the director of ‘Biskoth’ shared the recent picture of the post production work of his film which is already underway.

‘Biskoth’ happens to be a romantic comedy that was originally shot both in Hyderabad and Chennai.

It stars Anandraj, Sowcar Janaki, Manohar and Rajendran in their pivotal roles.


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