Rakul Preet Singh Looks Keen to Join Hands With PETA for World Environment Day

rakul preet singh

The present time is really going very bad, especially in the presence of COVID-19 pandemic.

Even if more than two months have been passed, there has been no decline in the number of new cases infected due to coronavirus. Instead, we have to see an upward trend in the number of new cases.

Well, the situation is even worse as it seems to be. This is how it all happened in the recent past when we heard news about the recent locust attack in the country and some disastrous aftermaths of the recent cyclone that devastated the entire South region.

Now, in order to protect and safeguard the environment, actress Rakul Preet Singh has come forward to join hands with PETA to take part in a campaign organised by the former on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, 2020. This is an awareness campaign to be launched by PETA.

Those who follow Rakul Preet Singh might be aware that she is die hard animal lover and can go to any length to safeguard their health.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the actress is also known to have turned a Vegan as well.

Take a look at what she revealed in an interview taken earlier, “I have been a hardcore non-vegetarian all my life. Not that I didn’t like my veggies, but meat was a crucial part of my diet, especially eggs. However, one day, I just decided to turn vegan. It was a sudden decision — something that came from within, and not prompted by any trend. Now, I feel lighter and full of energy.” she stated.

On her work front, Rakul will be next featured in Ayalaan which is slated to be a science fiction movie.


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