PUBG Mobile: How to download PUBG Mobile Season 13 Update?

pubg season 13

If you are one of the millions active PUBG users, you may like to download the very famous PUBG mobile season 13 update on your mobile devices. Please note that the new update will work both on Android and iOS devices.

We will present you a guide to download PUBG mobile season 13 update which is likely to enhance the user experience manifold. T

he above update will be releasing on upcoming May 13, 2020.

It will also bring so many outfits, emotes and a plethora of other rewards. As per the update pouring in, PUBG mobile’s 18.0 update is likely to hit global servers.

The season 13 of PUBG mobile will also add Fire Ranger or Ice Ranger at Rank 50.

It will also add Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100. Users will also come across another character named Andy with his own voice, outfit and emote.


PUBG Mobile Season 13 Update Download

After the PUBG Season 13 update is released on May 13, users will be able to download it in the following manner:

  • First, you need to open the PUBG Mobile app on your iOS or Android devices
  • Users will get to see an in-game update that automatically starts getting downloading on the loading screen of the PUBG game.
  • On an average, it takes not more than 2 minutes to download that will make RP sections unlock almost instantly.
  • Next, users need to click on the Royale Pass icon that will happen on the main screen itself. It will give insights to download Season 13 mission.




The update will unlock many more rewards as well like:

  • Toy Alliance – P92 & Fire and Ice Ranger Set: Unlocks at RP 50
  • Puppet Agent Set – Intermediate: Unlocks at RP 70
  • Nebula Hero Set: Unlocks at RP 100
  • Toy Alliance – Vector: Unlocks at RP 90
  • Nebula Hero Emote: Unlocks at RP 95
  • Dynamic Wave Dance Emote: Unlocks at RP 35
  • Pineapple Prince Ornament: Unlocks at RP 25
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Helmet: Unlocks at RP 40
  • Foxtrot Emote & Hotdogmobile Motorcycle: Unlocks at RP 20
  • Puppet Agent Set – Basic & Rock ‘n’ Roll – Aug: Unlocks at RP 1
  • Ice Ranger Smoke Grenade: Unlocks at RP 10
  • Foxtrot Emote & Hotdogmobile Motorcycle: Unlocks at RP 20
  • Draw Blow Emote: Unlocks at RP 55
  • Bag Lunch Backpack: Unlocks at RP 80
  • Puppet Agent Mask – Basic: Unlocks at RP 5
  • Nebula Hero Graffiti: Unlocks at RP 65
  • 8-Bit Fort Finish Plane: Unlocks at RP 60
  • Ice Ranger Smoke Grenade: Unlocks at RP 10

The update will bring all so many things just like the above


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