Poster & Initial Details for Tokyo Ghoul Anime Exhibition Unveiled

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Exhibition Poster

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Exhibition Poster: It all happened recently when Tokyo Ghoul finally announced a special exhibition to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its anime.

But fans expressed their disappointment with the initial reveal of the exhibition’s poster and details, as they expected something more than what they actually revealed.

Tokyo Ghoul had to see its end a few years back. Since then fans have been waiting to to witness a new installment in the anime series. Now, speculation regarding an upcoming project increased earlier this spring with teasers on new websites, and excitement escalated with the start of a countdown last week.

Tokyo Ghoul has long been running a countdown leading up to the announcement of a new project, which has now been revealed as the Tokyo Ghoul Exposition titled “Tokyo Ghoul EX.”



The above exposition is bound to premiere in Tokyo from October 21st to December, and then move to Osaka from December 14th to the 29th. To mark the official announcement, Tokyo Ghoul EX has unveiled a new poster featuring the anime artwork that was teased during the countdown. You can view the poster below for reference.



Tokyo Ghoul Remake?

While it marks a great announcement for Tokyo Ghoul’s 10th anniversary, it also met with some negative reception. It’s because most fans were already waiting for a new anime announcement.

Another factor that contributed for their disappointment is that the exposition will only happen in Japan, meaning fans in other regions won’t have the opportunity to fully participate in the celebration.

As it looks, a new Tokyo Ghoul anime isn’t entirely ruled out for the future, the timing of this announcement has certainly caught fans off guard. Perhaps it could be saved for a future anniversary? For now, fans can catch up on Tokyo Ghoul’s anime, currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.


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