Fairy Tale Characters In Anime: Bringing Timeless Stories to Life

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It’s time to explore how anime draws inspiration from well-known fairy tales and myths through 10 iconic characters.

For instance, Goku from Dragon Ball draws inspiration from the journey to the West, while Prince Lumiere in Black Clover embodies the spirit of The Happy Prince.

The character titled Usagi of Sailor Moon narrates the tale of Selene and Endymion. Inuyasha is influenced by the Inugami myth. All the above characters exemplify the diverse cultural influences and timeless themes that enrich anime narratives.


Fairy Tale Characters In Anime: Bringing Timeless Stories to Life

Time has changed where you might have noticed Anime often drawing a diverse range of sources, including classic literature, historical events, and even fairy tales.

These timeless narratives basically provide ample material for anime creators to develop characters and storylines that resonate profoundly with viewers.

Now, integrating elements from familiar fairy tales into their plots enables anime series to evoke nostalgia while offering fresh perspectives on well-loved themes.

The present document basically narrates you with 10 anime characters whose stories are well versed in traditional fairy tales.

Starting from the profound mythical adventures to the enriching The Little Mermaid tales, all the above characters basically bring a sense of myth and magic to the world of anime.


The Sohma family symbolizes the Zodiac race in Fruits Basket


fruits basket


In Fruits Basket, the Sohma family serves as an intriguing representation of the Chinese Zodiac. Here, you can find each member of the family undergoing a transformation into an animal of the Zodiac upon receiving a hug from someone of the opposite sex.

This curse is associated with a tragic legend in the narrative, resonating with transformation, destiny, and redemption commonly seen in fairy tales.

The animals of the Zodiac originate from Chinese folklore. Here every other animal is tied to distinct traits and tales.

Fruits Basket constructs a vibrant mosaic of characters whose personal conflicts and relationships are intricately tied to their Zodiac identities.


Goku’s narrative originates from Journey to the West in Dragon Ball

goku anime


Goku, which is the main character of Dragon Ball, is directly influenced by Sun Wukong, the Monkey King from the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West.

The above grand adventure recounts the journey of Sun Wukong, a strong and playful monkey striving for all the playful acts.

Goku’s persona basically reflects several characteristics of Sun Wukong, including immense strength, involved in wielding a magical staff with the ability to expand and contract.

The theme of the journey is integral to both tales, as Goku sets out on countless quests that echo the adventures of the Monkey King.

Dragon Ball incorporates these components into an engaging narrative that fuses action, comedy, and fantasy seamlessly.


Prince Lumiere in Black Clover reflects the character of The Happy Prince


Black Clover


Black Clover is basically characterized by Prince Lumiere that bears strong resemblances to the titular character in Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince.

Both of the above figures are compassionate rulers who willingly give up their own well-being for the welfare of their people.

For example, Prince Lumiere, the founding Wizard King, is respected for his wisdom and benevolence, much like the Happy Prince, who, uses his precious jewels to assist the less fortunate.

Lumiere’s portrayal in the series epitomizes an unwavering optimism, mirroring the themes of sacrifice and compassion depicted in Wilde’s fairy tale. This parallel adds depth to Lumiere’s character, rendering his narrative both uplifting and touching.


Faye’s background in Cowboy Bebop shares resemblances with the story of Urashima Taro


Urashima Taro


The traditional history of Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop mainly bears a striking resemblance to the Japanese fairy tale of Urashima Taro.

In the legend, Urashima Taro basically plays the role of a fisherman who once saves a turtle and is rewarded back with a journey to a magical underwater palace. Upon his return to the surface world, he realizes that numerous years have passed.

Likewise, Faye has been preserved cryogenically and awakens in a future where she has no memory of her past life or identity.

The above theme of temporal displacement, resonates with the poignancy and intrigue of Urashima Taro’s tale, enriching Faye’s character development.


Takeru Danma’s character in Alice in Borderland is inspired by Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Borderland


Takeru Danma’s character in Alice in Borderland basically reflects the surreal and unsettling journey reminiscent of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Both the above characters are plunged into strange alternate realities challenging their perceptions as well as survival instincts.

Just like Alice, Takeru traverses a series of surreal and some hazardous challenges that compel him to confront his innermost desires and fears.

The construction and other elements of the story honors the classic tale of Carroll while injecting a gritty quality. This struggles results in a storyline that feels both familiar and strikingly original.


Usagi’s Journey Through Fairy Tales: Embracing Selene & Endymion in Sailor Moon


sailor moon


Usagi Tsukino“, alias Sailor Moon, personifies different fairy tale motifs, the legend of Selene and Endymion.

The moon deity Selene falls in love with the mortal Endymion, a tale mirrored in Usagi’s affection for Tuxedo Mask, who embodies Endymion.

Usagi’s adventure encompasses motifs from various other fairy tales, including transformation, magical confrontations, and others.

Through her character, the above elements intertwine to form a coherent narrative that echoes enduring themes of love, sacrifice, and bravery, transforming Sailor Moon into a fairy tale.


“Ponyo”: A Contemporary Interpretation of “The Little Mermaid”




Ponyo” by Hayao Miyazaki happens to be an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid”

It basically revolves around Ponyo, a young fish-girl who starts experiences humanity after forming a bond with a boy named Sosuke.

Similar to Andersen’s mermaid, Ponyo undergoes a metamorphosis spurred by love and a fascination with the human realm.


Naruto, Kaguya influenced by the story of the Bamboo Cutter




Kaguya Otsutsuki in Naruto is basically inspired by the Japanese fairy tale titled “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.”

A bamboo cutter is known to unleash a celestial princess named Kaguya concealed within a bamboo stalk. Similarly, in Naruto, Kaguya is portrayed as a formidable otherworldly entity.

Incorporating the above fairy tale into the Naruto universe enriches Kaguya’s character with deeper mythological significance, establishing her as a key figure in the series’ lore and emblematic of ancient, mystical might.


The 3 Legendary Sannin in Naruto inspired by Jiraiya the Gallant


Sannin in Naruto


The 3 Legendary Sannin in Naruto: Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru are basically inspired by Japanese folktale “Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari” also known as (The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya).

In the above tale, Jiraiya wields ninja techniques allowing him to summon toads, Tsunade is portrayed as a princess hailing from the slug lineage, and Orochimaru is depicted as a sorcerer with command over snakes.


Inuyasha draws inspiration from the mythical creature Inugami



The portrayal of Inuyasha essentially bears his name in the Japanese myth of the Inugami, a canine-like spirit possessing supernatural abilities.

Inuyasha, ehich happens to be a half-demon with canine characteristics, mainly reflects attributes associated with it.


All the above fairy tale characters depicted above are mainly inspired by the myths and fairy tales. For long, these fairy tales appeal these stories even now.

In their respective journeys, they basically take along different narratives that are set into contemporary world to make anime medium and also enrich them with layers of utter significance and literary.


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