Phillauri Box Office Collection Day 4- Anushka Sharma film Collects Rs.15.25 Crores

Anushka Sharma film

The 4th day box office collection of Anushka Sharma film Phillauri has been phenomenal with an overall collection of Rs. 27.25 Crores.

One probable reason that emerges out is the stardom of singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh in Punjab. He’s the one to be credited for such a success of the film.

As per a cursory glance, Anushka Sharma film doesn’t look like a winner at the box office. But still, the movie has been able to set some sort of industry trends.

Phillauri is such a movie that has been successful in attaining a perfect example of a new kind of cinema. The film is a real example of collating a new set of opportunities and experimentations. Ever since Anushka Sharma started off making a film, she was very clear of producing non-clinched tales.

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She had no clue in the beginning, but went ahead to take a risk with NH10 and that’s what the actress presented her views during an interview. She says that no one was willing to produce NH10 in the entire industry.

But at last, the project came to me that looked interesting. The actress started off with the project as it looked promising and also no one was willing to do it.

Anushka Sharma film
Anushka Sharma film | Image Credit: Bollywood Hungama

It’s now clear after the release of Phillauri that the actress didn’t think twice going a step further to explore uncharted territory.

Well, by looking at a cursory glance, the film doesn’t seem to emerge like a winner at the box office. But now, after the release of the movie, the industry has set a different industry trend.

The major chunk of Anushka Sharma film Phillauri comes from Punjab only

You won’t believe that majority of the collection for the film has come from nowhere else than Punjab. And that’s what Phillauri’s exhibitor Akshaye Rathi has to express his views to

As per Rathi, the film’s grand success in terms of overall collection is reflecting a true picture by looking at the stats from Punjab alone. It clearly reflects the stardom of Diljit Dosanjh.

By looking at the box office collection till now, one thing becomes quite clear. Had the movie not been for Dosanjh, it would not have been collected such a huge sum of money.

Well, the figures say that almost Rs 1.75 crore (film’s first day overall collection of 4 Crores) was collected only from Punjab.

There is one other fact that you should look upon. More than 53% of the overall collection of Phillauri comes from outside the Bombay territory (including Pune, Nasik and Gujrat).

Otherwise, if you look in broad perspective, a film always gets a majority of collection from Bombay and then Delhi. And then it follows the other states. But Phillauri speaks a different story. The majority of collections have come from Punjab only.

Anushka Sharma film Phillauri was released on March 24, 2017 and since then has collected almost Rs. 15.25 Crores. However, the budget of the film happened to be only Rs. 21 Crores.

By the time the film released, it already had recovered Rs. 12 Crores from music and satellite rights. The movie collected an overall Rs. 27.25 Crores though. It clearly suggests that the film continues to generate profits.