Diljit Dosanjh New Movie Phllauri- The Actor Thanks Bollywood With A Messgae

diljit dosanjh new movie

Diljit Dosanjh new movie Phllauri has made the actor more polite and humble towards what he feels about the industry. Let’s find out the message he shared with his team and the entire Bollywood fraternity.

Diljit after performing in his latest movie Phillauri with Anushka Sharma, showed his gratitude towards his team and shared a picture taken along with Anushka Sharma. The film stars Suraj Sharma, Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh and Mehreen Pirzada and everybody looks delighted after getting an overwhelming response from the audience.

Diljit Dosanjh new movie Phillauri was released on March 24, 2017 and has managed to collect a whopping Rs. 9.22 Crores in a span of 2 days, as per Taran Adarsh (trade analyst).

It all came as a surprise from the Pujabi actor, right from the sets of Phillauri. He chose to take the route of social media to extend his gratitude towards his producers, Co stars and fans and above all- the entire Bollywood industry.

diljit dosanjh new movie
diljit dosanjh new movie | Image Credit: indianexpress

In his message, he thanked for all the support and love he received from all those people along with their blessings that were showered upon him. Diljit also conveyed his apologies if he had not committed any mistakes.

Diljit Dosanjh new movie Phillauri is creating ripples

Diljit, first of all tried to express his gratitude towards the entire film industry that has produced hundreds of actors like him. He thanked such an industry that not only fulfilled the dreams of numerous artists, but also expressed the country’s tradition and culture across the global arena. He said it’s the Hindi film industry that accepted me with open arms and showered its blessings and love and also helped to make this journey possible.

diljit dosanjh new movie
diljit dosanjh new movie | Image Credit: moxch.com

In his message further, he thanked Balaji and Phantom films, along with Foxstar movies and Cleanslate films for creating Udta Punjab and Phillauri. In the end, Diljit said I’m grateful to every single person who’s directly or indirectly involved and has any sort of contribution towards my success, right from the start of my career.

The star actor also asked for forgiveness, in case he committed any mistakes.

At this time when Diljit Dosanjh new movie has been released, one thing that has emerged from his letter is the issue of nepotism. It seems that everybody is indulged in the act in the industry, but as per the Punjabi singer and actor, he still got the chance like any other outsider who wanted to make it big. In the past, Anushka had also refuted the fact that the industry looks averse to those having a non-filmy profile.

diljit dosanjh new movie
diljit dosanjh new movie | Image Credit: YouTube

Being Diljit’s fans, you must be aware about the fact how he ruled the music industry. Well, after achieving his tremendous success in the world of music, he went ahead to make his Bollywood debut in the year 2016 in Udta Punjab, also featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Alia Bhatt. After performing in his very first film, Diljit grabbed a Filmfare award in the category of best male debut for his unforgettable role.

Do you still remember how Diljit performed the role of a cop in Anurag Kashyap’s Udta Punjab? Well, ever since he performed the character, he became an icon in Punjab. After giving so many hit songs, he approached to the industry and got success over there as well.

Some of his famous songs include his first album- ‘Ishq Da Uda Ada’ (2004). Then some other albums were released including Smile. All his previous work helped him to become a more established actor in the world of entertainment. Well, even after Diljit Dosanjh new movie has released, he’s still remembered for a fairly nice track “IK KUDI” in Udta Punjab.