Quantico 2: Priyanka Tops in American Series of Television Show


Priyanka Chopra is back with a bang in American series of  Quantico 2. The first season of the television series went through with a few loopholes, but this time, the top Bollywood siren performs far better than her earlier performance.

Quantico 2 is a thriller American television show and is based on a purely quintessential crime drama.

Do you know the 2nd season of the American series of the television show was initially ordered on March 3, 2016? Well, the show has already been popular in the American television history and will continue to air almost at the same time.

Authorities have made all the arrangements to air the show without any interruption and therefore has been given the same time slot.

It will air on Sundays at 10.00 PM. It will screen Priyanka (as Alex) taking her training in the CIA after she leaves by completing the last session with the FBI.


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Priyanka was recently declared among the highest paid television actresses. One of the reasons to support her is due to the success of her latest American series of the television show “Quantico“.

The show is now back with yet another new and refreshing season. If we divert our attention on the first season of Quantico, it looked more crisp and engaging.

The overall performance of the series was way better than the first season’s pilot episode.

If speculations are to be believed, the producers of the popular television series was earlier struck as the entire story was narrated in different timelines.

As you already know the first season of the show simply ended with Priyanka (Alex Parrish) grabbing a job offer from the CIA. However, the season 2 shows how she joins the most powerful training regime region.

They both are shocked after they meet each other. Nobody knows that they both work as FBI agents after being trained and working undercover agents.

By looking at the present timeline, it’s revealed that Ryan is only working for the president and Alex is as good as a civilian.

Ryan has a much favored interaction with Alex at the time of G20 summit in New York (NY). After an initial meet up, they decide to meet up again.

Now, at this point of time, the course of events takes place such that the place where the Summit has to take place gets hijacked by a group of dreaded militants.

After a series of explosions take place, Alex is captured in the middle of the explosions taking place.

Performance of American series (season 2) till now

The American series shown in the Quantico Season 2 shows how Priyanka performs better than the earlier episode. But this time she doesn’t seem to be like a CIA agent.

The second season of Quantico 2 is way different than the first season in being filled with lots of drama, suspense and confusion. This also includes much anticipated performance as well.

Full credit to the writers as well for writing a completely engaging story. This itself is evident that no one seems to leave his chair while watching the entire action.

They recently included one more guy to the star cast, by the name “Tracy Ifeachor” who shows some brilliancy, right from the first episode.

She plays the character of Lydia and the role given to her soon becomes a wicked twist.

Anyone can find the loopholes of the first season and one of them is given a proper screen time which is a big let down.

Another group of intellectuals while pointing out the drawbacks from the first season say that they should not touch the romantic angle between Alex and Ryan as there is nothing new with that.

They mostly show only one thing that they, of course, love each other, but most of the time gets busy fighting with each other.

But if you need to analyse the whole episode, the first series of Quantico was worth interesting to watch. The American series of Quantico 2 can outdo the first one if the makers continue with such a tight story-line.




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