How Bollywood Celebrities React Banning Pakistani Artists


Amid high tensions, a few Bollywood celebrities have now come forward to express their views regarding the ban on the artists coming from Pakistan. One such artist is “Mahira Khan” who has reacted to the recent verdict given by a lot of independent bodies to ban all Pakistani artists working in India till everything settles between the two countries.

So, do you think such remarks by them should get any kind of relevance? Absolutely not. In spite of the recent comments given by “Salman Khan” that these artists (turned Bollywood celebrities) are not criminals and should be allowed to work in India, faced higher criticism by a number of independent and government led activists.

Noted Bollywood personality Nana Patekar doesn’t support as what “Salman” says. He simply confronts that Salman should not be taken seriously as the views shared by him are purely personal. It’s the country that comes under first priority, leaving everything aside.

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One of the noted Bollywood celebrities and Pakistani actress “Mahira Khan” (making her debut in “Raees”) has shared her controversial remarks over the issue. “Mahira” is one of the artists who have come all the way from Pakistan in search of work.

The actress (like many other artists from Pakistan) has been banned by IMPPA (Indian Motion Picture Producers Association) to work in India. There’s a strong outburst among Indian citizens to ban all as it would help isolating Pakistan. The severe outbursts have come forward after the recent terror attacks in Uri where as many as 19 Indian soldiers were killed.

Why some Bollywood celebrities crossing their limits

India is all united and no one should allow these extremists to enter in the territories of the country. The step taken by IMPPA has been just to derail Pakistan in every possible way. Still, some Bollywood celebrities don’t refrain themselves expressing contradictory remarks and becomes the cause of controversy.

This is quite evident as the matter is quite sensitive and India won’t tolerate any such loose remarks by anyone who calls himself as the citizen of this country. Due to this, there was a complete silence on this matter till now until “Mahira” expressed her views.

She simply expressed her intent by sharing a recent post by her fellow artist “Alizay Jaffer” and elaborates what she says. According to her, all the artists from Pakistan always rejoice whenever a movie registers a box office hit.

For example, when famous Bollywood celebrities Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan’s film does well, we all celebrate. In the same ways, icons like Rafi and Kishore carries Pakistani language in its roots. So, how can they become the victim of their unfair anguish?

Now, she doesn’t stop here, but further carries on saying that we (both Pakistan & India) are trying to please the West (America) and on the other hand, they don’t seem to care the much aggravating conflicts between the two countries. We’re the only one who knows the sufferings of each other and not an outsider who has no interest even going closer to the issues in reality.

Finally, the longest ever note by Jaffer comes to an end. But he doesn’t forget mentioning a plethora of things again. For example, he says that after he called one of his friends back to his country about the megalomaniac tendencies of both governments, he got a reply back from him saying that it doesn’t really matter but he would continue to love me.


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