Is Shah Rukh Khan Keen for Ra.One sequel?

Shah Rukh Khan
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Do you remember the release of Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Ra.One? It’s been five years since the film was released. But what’s new? Well, Anubhav Sinha seems to gear up to direct yet another film by the name “Tum Bin 2”. But it looks like he has no more sequels to make.

This is the reason why he has some future plans for taking up the stories of both “Dus” (2011) and “Ra.One” (2011) forward.

As per the sources, it was revealed that Sinha is keen working with SRK again to make the sequels. As we all know Ra.One registered a huge success at the box office. The best thing about the film was none other than its story line.

When asked to comment on the forthcoming plans, making a sequel, he said he’s already in conversation with Shah Rukh Khan and soon make a plan to make a sequel.

We already spoke about the probability of making a sequel and it seems SRK to be keen for this. All which is left is we still need to finalize the story part.

However, it would still depend on the availability of Shah Rukh Khan and a good story line. But still, I hope to make it in the coming time. Said Sinha.

Both Shah Rukh Khan and me looking for a good story-line: Anubhav Sinha

He was talking about his not less than 5 year break after the release of sci-fi. He said, I was not initially sure about the success of Ra.One but soon realized my potential and felt that the success of the film helped me position myself as a brand.

So, as a director I can now make big films as well. He said that I have now become smarter. Initially, I used to pick most films by looking at their size, but soon realize it wrong. I soon felt this was not going to be the right ways to pick a film.

So, I intentionally took some time off to get myself grounded as I entrapped in the crisis of conscience.

If we look at the upcoming speculations, then we can’t deny the fact that Sinha will soon start working on the much awaiting sequel to the film “Dus”, which will tentatively be titled ‘Gyarah’.

This might happen soon after “Tum Bin 2 hits the big screens later this month. As far as Ra.One sequel is concerned, he said to be still in talks with Shah Rukh Khan to start the proceedings.

But for now, I have not planned anything. He said I have 3 stories in my mind and out of them one can be turned into a sequel by the name “Gyarah”.

But I am not able to decide as of now and therefore yet to take a decision on the matter to finalize my next film. Nevertheless, I am keen to make the sequel for sure.