Last Shot of Hrithik Roshan’s Movie Kaabil Kept On Hold

Hrithik Roshan
Image Credit: TellMeBoss

Hrithik Roshan has been in the news for the last sometime. Not because of some great reasons, but due to a plethora of other issues coming his ways.

For example, earlier this year, he had a spat with Kangana Ranaut and after that he had to undergo with lots of brickbats due to his last release “Mohenjo Daro”.

Now, everybody is expecting at lease a turnaround with his slick trailer of his upcoming movie “Kaabil”, garnering an overall positive response on the social media platform.

The shooting for the Hrithik Roshan movie “Kaabil” is almost done except the final scene. Well, it’s not due to any kind of superstition or a hidden production cost, but the star actor himself is attached to his project. He’s becoming quite emotional regarding the project.

He says it has happened to him very few times in his long acting career. It’s just normal and nothing unusual in the life of an actor when these situations arrive that are enough to take him to the gamut of emotions all the way.

The actor believes that ‘Kaabil’ happens to be one such roller coaster ride for me. There is every kind of emotions like tears, laughter, thrill and excitement that are attached to the film that I don’t like to end.

He said I instructed the director, Sanjay Gupta to hold on shooting the last scene and keep that intact later on.

Kaabil is quite an emotional film- Hrithik Roshan

Kaabil is quite an emotional film and as per reports, Hrithik Roshan is delaying the last scene from his end. The film revolves around him where he’s playing the role of a visually handicapped man who kicks ass.

The man has his own thoughts and feelings about a person who’s disabled due to one or other reasons. He says people seem a bit sketchy, if taken in a general perception.

He said, if you analyse as many Hindi films, you can visualise the roles of several artists doing the roles of blind people. They mostly show deserted and helpless look for financial and other kind of support.

Hrithik explains his point by putting forth a real example. He narrates the story of a blind person who is a great fan of him. He recounts how this blind man by the name “Sanjeev” managed to locate his house entirely by putting his own efforts. He grabbed all his courage.

He boarded a train, rented a rickshaw and finally was able to searched the house. After he reached my home, he had lunch with me and also clicked some pictures.

The limit of my amusement aroused when he fixed his hairstyle before posing for the final pictures. I can see their senses work better than us who call ourselves normal.

After a few thoughts, he admitted that it took some time to prepare for ‘Kaabil’ as it was really grueling. Hrithik admitted that I rehearsed blind folded several times to keep it fresh and real.

Hrithik Roshan further mentioned that I risked myself several times while doing all this and even managed to save my back from fracturing.

But I kept practicing every day till I mastered it. I guess it’s always difficult to do much of your own while doing a film like this. In doing a role like this, the risk always maintained at a high.