‘A Billion Lives’ Claims a Health Crisis Due to Conspiracy Against Vaping

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‘A Billion Lives’ largely depict a health crisis that has been going on for decades. The film takes you to the history of smoking, the number of casualties arising from smoking and the corruption in the government to handle the issue. As per W.H.O (World Health Organisation) projection, as many as a billion casualties are going to take place from smoking in this entire century. It’s expected that this toll might reach to somewhere around 1.6 billion in the coming 20 years.

The film further examines a plethora of such conflicts arising due to the ever rising corruption and interest in the government, public health forums, large pharma companies, where the healthier and safer alternatives are categorically banned or not promoted in any way. On the other hand the cigarette (tobacco) trade is continually ramping up in most countries.

Genre:                       Documentary
Released Date:        October 25, 2016 (World Wide)
Directed By:           Aaron Biebert
Duration:                95 minutes
Casts:                     David Goerlitz, Derek Yach, Delon Human, Hon Lik, Clive Bates

The film is an epic documentary that talks about the injustice going on at the higher levels, but leaves you feel that nothing is in your hands. You are unable to handle such issues arising from such a health crisis. The film further discusses about the alternatives for those who are unable to quit the habit of smoking.

This Aaron Biebert film widely promotes e-cigarettes and vaping to be the most vibrant tools for smokers who want to quit. There is also a projection where it tells the number of smokers who are going to lose their lives in the time to come.

Future health crisis is on the verge if this menace is not controlled

The film shows an environment that’s close to a talking documentary where experts are ready to throw some light on the matter concerned. They’re seen telling their personal stories as how vaping is safer as compared to cigarettes. The story slowly but steadily sketches a conspiracy to make such products out of reach. For example, take the case of an entire tobacco industry that happens to be the point of attraction, as nobody wants a break in their profit margins.

It also includes medical professionals, pharma companies, some charities, government officials and other organisations involved in the same profession.

So, do you think there is any truth to the allegations made to these industries through this film? Well, there can be some, but at the same time, the film doesn’t provide any solutions to solve these issues.

‘A Billion Lives’ is an example of solidly crafted story that provides you a nice, infuriating and compelling case study on big business along with their dirty tricks. It’s been quite evident that almost all tobacco products are responsible for poisoning the global population (leading to a probable health crisis) and eventually crushing a smog free environment.

The presence of absolutely slick visuals with properly researched conversations make the film one of the best creations of the present booming genre.

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