Fire at Sea Reveals A Disturbing Saga of the European Refugee Crisis

Fire at Sea

Fire at Sea is a much heartbreaking and harrowing depiction of the European refugee crisis that happened to the local residents of Lampasas.

It’s a small island situated at the south of Sicily. It’s a single spot for hundreds of migrants who get entrapped after visiting here.

If you look in the past 20 years, as many as 15,000 migrants have lost their (at the time of crossing) lives out of 40,000 landed.

The movie showcases a plethora of heartbreaking scenes. In one such scene, you can very well hear the many disembodied voices of migrants. They’re all seen pleading and saying like we beg you at all times.

Later, the movie depicts how a woman gets a chance to hear a radio message saying all 34 people died. Reacting to the news, she says “poor souls”.

She can very well see the link between refugees left there to make the connections. There is another guy by the name island’s doctor.

He can relate one of the most powerful moments of the films to the number of autopsies he has performed.

He says helping those poor people should be the duty of every human being. One such person from Nigeria who is lucky to get rescued while crossing.

He says while recounting his memory at the start of his journey from Nigeria that the sea is not a road and therefore should not be a way to pass by.


Fire At Sea Shows the extreme torture and imprisonment to the refugees who survived

It’s been long since the tensions, disruptions and conflicts mounting between African countries.

The film Fire At Sea, largely displays the causes of refugee crisis in epic proportions. The center of this much distressing and heart rending tragedy is none other than Lampasas.

The film ‘Fire At Sea‘ shows Lampasas to be not less than eight square mile island which goes almost halfway between neighboring Sicily and Libya.

Now, the conflict is that as many as 15,000 refugees land on the ground to reach either on to Sicily or Lampedusa. While doing so, (like the last time), almost 15,000 drowned that includes all women, men and children.

In spite of the chaos and crisis happening most of the times, such unwanted episodes of life and death are not coming to halt. For example, the plight of Samuele Pucillo, who is just 12 years old still remains an untold story.

Albeit, huge and unending naval vessels constantly patrol the entire seas, and also being the experts of carrying out any kind of a search operation, the 12 year old kid putters around by just targeting cactus plants and birds, eventually trying to create a slingshot of the entire scene.

He’s thrown up while still on his father’s boat, resulting to an unwanted starvation, dehydration by inhaling the bad fumes of crowded vessels of refugees.

What the movie ‘Fire At Sea’ largely shows, is nothing more than the deluge of immigrants at Lampasas.

This small island has never done enough to at least expand the immigration center. There is only one African guy who says to help every single person on a humanitarian ground. His name is ‘Pietro Bartolo’ and is a doctor by profession.

The most touching scene of the film ‘Fire At Sea’ is what the director Gianfranco Rosi presents where some survivors (from Nigeria), become the witness of what was done to them in their entire journey. They try to divulge every single story of the torture and imprisonment.

They disclose that they were taken to a trek through the long Sahara Dessert where many of them died.

After that, they were finally taken to Libya, where the rest of them were tortured and imprisoned. Sea At Fire shows only 30 immigrants survived out of 90.