Alicia Fox WWE Career Looks Over After Her Profile Moved to the Alumni Section

alicia fox

There are certain things that get over with time. And so, is the career of Alicia Fox.

As per the recent reports coming in this regard, it looks like the American professional wrestler’s career is now over, especially after the profile given on her website was inaudibly moved over to another section that was named under the ‘Alumni’ section.

It’s been so long since Alicia Fox is not going active in the WWE wrestling championships.


alicia fox


In fact, she’s not going active of the most prestigious WWE’s two-part draft for the last week. Fox was not even assigned to any of the SmackDown or Raw right after this episode.

If you look at the activity of Fox for the last few months, you will come to know of the fact that the WWE wrestler has not contributed since April this year.

In short, she has not wrestled even a match for her company since April. As per the reports, both Fox and Tamina have already lost in a tag team contest that was held with IIconics.

The kind of incidences happened in the last sometime simply reflect what is going on right now. This looks quite evident after you take a look at the happenings that were held in the month of February.

As per the reports, Alicia Fox was bogged down in an unlawful incident in the month of February. The entire episode impacted negatively, especially after the famous Arn Anderson who’s a long time producer.

Following this episode, he got fired from the company. In addition to this, Fox even turned up to wrestle earlier in an intoxicated status which is against the rules.

Now, if you look at the career of Alicia Fox, you will find so many stars being attached to her profile. Fox is credited to have made her first time debut with WWE originally in the year 2008.

Having said enough about Fox’s departure, WWE is yet to release an official statement in this regard.


Alicia Fox

Let’s take you through the basics of Alicia Fox, who’s better known as Victoria Elizabeth Crawford.

She’s been into the journey of professional wrestling for over two decades. She’s a former professional American model and an Hollywood actress.

In the long haul of her professional career so far, she’s best known for her precious time in WWE under the famous ring named Alicia Fox.

As we stated earlier, Fox has the longest haul as a professional wrestler from the year 2006 to 20019. The actual time when she was a part of the main roster was during 2008-2019.


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