Kanika Kapoor All Set to Donate Plasma After Recovery from Covid-19

kanika kapoor

Right after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country; the very first case that emerged was of the singer Kanika Kapoor.

The singer came into the limelight when she flew back to India after meeting her children in the UK. Very soon, it was established that she has been infected with coronavirus.

But it was reported that she didn’t inform her ailing condition to anyone. Instead, she straightaway started attending parties in Lucknow and other places.

Kanika had to go through huge media backlash as she failed to inform about the very fact that she was infected from the infection due to Covid-19.



After struggling for almost 2-3 weeks in hospital, the singer has now fully recovered and enjoying the company of her family members.

The Bollywood singer has now offered to donate her plasma to help treat other patients suffering from the infection of Covid-19.

Well, it will be a great respite for those as doctors have come to know that plasma therapy can be greatly affected in such patients.

As per the latest Bollywood news, a team of doctors will soon analyse the blood of the singer to find if it is appropriate for the plasma donation.

In order to collect the plasma, doctors will soon visit Kanika’s house to first analyse the blood sample. If her blood sample gets cleared, she will be able to donate her plasma between 28 and 29 April 2020.

Kanika is also struggling with multiple FIRs that have been lodged against her for all the negligence she underwent for hiding her travel history. Even after testing positive from coronavirus right after returning from the UK, she didn’t inform anyone about her condition.

Instead, she straightaway went ahead to attend all the lavish parties in Lucknow and other places.


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