COVID-19: Kanika Kapoor Spends Time With Family Post Recovery from Coronavirus

Kanika Kapoor

Right after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, the very first case that emerged was of the singer Kanika Kapoor.

The singer came into the limelight when she flew back to India after meeting her children in the UK. Very soon, it was established that she has been infected with coronavirus.

But it was reported that she didn’t inform her ailing condition to anyone. Instead, she straightaway started attending parties in Lucknow and other places.

Kanika had to go through huge media backlash as she failed to inform about the very fact that she was infected from the infection due to Covid-19.



Later, she was straightaway sent under complete isolation at a hospital in Lucknow.

After struggling for almost 2-3 weeks in hospital, the singer has now fully recovered and enjoying the company of her family members.

Recently, she shared a post on her Instagram handle with a picture enjoying with the elders in the family.

This is what she posted, “All you need is a warm smile, a warm heart, and a warm cup of tea #familytime #lucknowdiaries #stayhomestaysafe,” she wrote in the caption.

Later, she clarified that she didn’t attend parties and no such parties were hosted.

Kanika got a sigh of relief from the Covid-19 infection only after her 6th test came out negative.

Soon after that, she was discharged from the hospital. Prior to this, Lucknow police had booked the lady on the negligence charges of attending parties and social gatherings despite being infected with coronavirus.