Internet Slams Kim Kardashian For Sharing A Video Of Daughter Playing With Snake


Kim Kardashian always remains in the news for one reason or the other. This time, she became the eye of storm of hundreds of netizens who trolled her on social media for posting the video of her daughter Chicago holding a snake.

Well, this looks quite awkward to have shared such a video, especially from someone who is being followed by hundreds of users on Instagram and other social media channels

But Kim posted the video of her daughter in high spirits as she calls her daughter ‘brave’. Soon after posting the video of her daughter on her Instagram account, she started receiving hundreds of comments. Most of those comments were questioning about her parenting skills.

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Well, it looks like Kim wanted to showcase the world how brave her daughter is. But after she posted the video, nobody accepted it in the same way like her. Most of her followers and other users instantly started criticizing her and also questioning her about her irresponsible parenting.

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My brave girl Chicago ?

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After she posted the video of her daughter, she ended it with a caption that said “My brave girl Chicago.”

Kim might not have expected that she would be trolled down heavily after posting the video. Her sister Khloe Kardashian was among those who comment, “She’ has gone crazy! See how she’s looking at his face. I love my brave girl.”

Among those who came forward to comment was Jonathan Cheban. He’s known to be Kim’s best friend. Jonathan commented “You couldn’t pay me to do that. She’s looking like the prettiest girl on the planet.” Now, Malika Haqq, who is the friend of Khlo√© Kardashian also chose to comment on this as she added, “omg she handled it nicely.”

Mary Phillips, who happens to be the make up artist wrote, “Snake charmer.” Another commenter Hrush Achemyan also couldn’t hold back himself when he added, “Omg! I love her so much after this now. She’s like come here snake, let me tell you, I ain’t never scared.”

The posting of the video didn’t go as per Kim’s expectations as she’s being slammed by hundreds of people who follow her. She’s also being given lectures on irresponsible parenting.

And this is what a user chose to write about the video that Kim had shared. This is what he wrote “Isn’t this irresponsible parenting? A child who is even unaware about the difference between a poisonous and a non poisonous snake is being largely encouraged to hold it like that and them in their eyes.”

In the same ways, another user came forward and chose to write in response to the video that Kim had shared. This is what this user wrote “They’re not toys for spoilt brats! That’s a living creature and the way she’s handling it can be appalling! Teach your kid some respect for living beings!”

In the recent past, both Kim Kardashian West and her husband welcomed their 4th child who is a baby boy. They named him Psalm West.